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  1. General
    I’m looking to find some nicer parts that would fit in my 05 LS I6. Parts from the LT or SS models. Maybe even some aftermarket parts and equipment too. I do have aftermarket speakers, amp, and head unit. It would be cool to make this car nicer though. I do have a new rebuilt 4L60E transmission...
  2. Introductions
    Hey, name is Thom. Been reading the forums for a while now and decided to get into posting. Got an 04 Rainier recently...has a little qtr damage and needs some repair. Needs new bumper cover and tailights. Anybody have any suggestions on some upgrades to do at this stage?? Am into any new ideas...
  3. General
    i recently purchased my first 04 TB lt. i changed all of the fluids myself and cleaned the truck inside and out. i changed all of the filters and from now on i just want to put upgrades on it. im looking at for a tuning. what else would you guys recommend...
1-3 of 3 Results