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unknown driver

  1. Unknown Driver

    02-09 General Tech Q&A
    Someone please help me. I just bought a 2002 TB. I wanted to get my wife a key to my truck so I got her one made. I ended up using her key and now my truck won’t start. Is there anything I can do before I take it somewhere and get robbed. P.S. I am a noob at working on cars. I am 33 and just...
  2. Instrument cluster/dashboard stopped working problem

    Hey! I am pleased to welcome you in the first post on the forum. I am looking for help from people who may have had a problem similar to mine. I am from Poland and I have the Trailblazer 4.2L LTZ from 2003. I was looking for help in many nearby workshops, but none of them was able to help me...
  3. Installed new radio today and will not start

    I installed a new head unit today. I go out to start my truck to leave and my radio is on and I cannot start the truck. When I try to crank it I get an unknown driver on the instrument panel and nothing happens. Earlier today after installing the unit I was going to a restaurant, made a right...
  4. [SOLVED] Unknown Driver, Gauges Crazy, etc.

    Hey guys, first post. Would like to thank all of you to start because this forum has been very helpful to me a number of times since I've owned my vehicle. ...This post, the reason I signed up, is the only issue you guys haven't been able to help me with. So thanks for being rad. I found...
  5. [SOLVED] DIC, IC problems after lightning strike

    OEM Issues
    2002 EXT LT Tblazer 4.2L I6 120k miles Many thanks to this board for help with past problems, coilpack 4 wet/cowl seal issue and seat heater replacement. Maybe someone can help with this problem, which started with a lightning strike 1 foot from the driver’s front bumper of my TB as it was...
  6. HELP!!! No crank ignition issue!!!

    OK guys, here is the story. My wife went out the other night to roll the windows down on our 2003 trailblazer (6 cylinder), and left the key in the run position over night. Next morning I went to start the truck and well......dead battery. Charged it and tried to start the truck.....nothing...