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turn signals not working

  1. Vehicle stalls out when using left blinker??

    02-09 General Tech Q&A
    This was an issue I put up with a few months ago (by put up with, I mean I quit using my left blinker for awhile ??‍♂️) The issue started again just this morning. When turning on the left blinker the dash starts beeping like WWIII, Service Brake System appears on the dash, the “Brake” and ABS...
  2. Turn Signal Switch or Flasher Relay Module Problems

    I have a 2006 GMC Envoy and lately, there's been a weird issue with my left turn indicator function. If I push down the switch, the signal will occasionally flash briefly (for 0.5 second) and then abruptly turn off. Right turn signal works fine and has never had any problems. This happens...
  3. Interior removed, key & shifter stuck, turn signals not working

    I removed the interior of my 2004 TB to clean the carpets and seats. Now the shifter release, key release, turn signals, hazards, cigarette lighter and ac fan won't work. I've checked the fuses, all good. I've checked the ground points in the interior. Still not working. Right now the rear...