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  1. 2004 Envoy won't move in any gear

    02-09 Vortec 4.2L I-6 Engine and Drivetrain
    I have a 2004 GMC envoy XLT 4 x 4. It started with the shift linkage started to fall off so I could crawl into there and hook it back up and was good to go. Then they started when I was in reverse it wouldn't go so I'd give it more gas and it act like it was binding up as if it was in 4-wheel...
  2. Hoping someone can help me with these transmission issues.

    OEM Issues
    Evening all, I am in hopes that someone can help me, Over the past month I have completely replaced the transmission in my fiance's 04 Trailblazer ext. Her old one was not moving in any gear and we were able to get a used one out of a donor vehicle pretty cheap ($150). When I finally got it all...
  3. Pulling Trans, how to remove crossmember?

    OEM Issues
    Pulling my trans on my 03 trailblazer 4x4. I can’t get the cross member out, on the passenger side, by the fuel tank there is a black box that keeps me from removing one of the through bolts on the crossmember. The bolt is too long to pull out with that black box in the way. I can’t figure out...
  4. Transmission won’t shift past 2nd

    Transmission Mods
    I will give as much information as possible. I parked my car after driving to wallyworld I had absolutely no problems. I get up in the morning drive for coffee shift to second that’s it. I had no slippage the day before. It’s like limp mode without any idiot lights. I’m in NC just came back from...
  5. Bad transmission, manual swap?

    This is the day i've regretted for a long time. It seems that my transmission is toast, and for a car with just over 135k, I am pretty disappointed. But, this may be an opportunity! I drive a 2003 TrailBlazer LTZ, 4.2l, 4x4. I've done some looking, and it appears that the engines in the...
  6. Bell Housing Knocking

    OEM Issues
    Hi all! Lately I've been having a fairly new set of issues. And I am not sure if they're connected but I'm assuming they are. I've recently been hearing a knock that raises in frequency and slightly in volume along with RPM's. Fairly certain I've isolated the noise at the bell housing. I checked...
  7. TB trans interchanges

    Transmission Mods
    Hello All. I just joined a few weeks ago. My first TB has low mileage, is rust free (for NE Pa), and has - you guessed it, a dead 4L60E. No 3-4 gear. So some quick first questions about used transmissions: - what other year 4L60E's will bolt / connect up to my 2002? - is it a good choice to...
  8. Transmission shifting hard all of a sudden

    OEM Issues
    Hey guys, was camping over 4th of July weekend. 2003 Trailblazer LTZ 4.2l 4x4 On the way back into town, only about 20 miles from home, I noticed that while in overdrive, my RPM kept bouncing between 2000-2200 while cruising at 55. So I kicked it into third and it was fine. Then, coming back...
  9. 02 Trailblazer Transmission Problem

    OEM Issues
    Hello again everyone, Current issue: I have an 02 Trailblazer with about 240k miles that no longer shifts into any gear. I was driving along one moment, and the next moment, I completely lost power, rolled to a stop, and had to get towed home. Park works, nothing else. There is now also an...
  10. No reverse or 1st & 2nd

    First let me ask the question, Is there any other reason for no reverse other than a broken sunshell gear? History: 04 envoy 170k miles rebuilt motor unknown miles since rebuild. Tranny went out this fall (drive band) bought a used lower mileage trans at a reasonable price. put it in and in true...
  11. 2003 4.2l 4x4 automatic shifter moves gear doesnt

    OEM Issues
    Drove perfect until I parked yesterday. This morning the shifter will move but it feels like an elastic is pulling it back towards park (easy until about D). Gear indicator doesn't show any movement off park and the tranny never engages. No codes using a CANODB2 reader. I'm thinking maybe a...
  12. Shifting Issue

    OEM Issues
    I have a 2005 Trailblazer LS 4.2L motor. I was having any issue with shifting out of 2nd gear so the truck would not get above 40MPH, it was just rev up when it was time to change to 3rd gear. The check engine light was on so I pulled the codes and it came back that I needed a speed sensor. I...
  13. Love my Rainier!

    Hi All: Just saying 'hello', first time post! I bought a used Rainier about 10 years ago and am still trying to have it on the road! I love the way it rides! 195K miles now, swapped out the front differential and the transfer case motor were the big things. Also put in standard springs and...
  14. Shifts late from 1st to 2nd gear

    Transmission Mods
    Especially when cold, whenever my truck shifts from first to second, it needs to be above 3k rpm, which occasionally causes a hard shift. Whenever I drive I need to let of the gas and make it shift myself. My first thought was vaccuum leak or solenoids, but does anyone have any other ideas for...
  15. Transmission problem or just not engaged properly?

    OEM Issues
    Anyone had their TB start making a grinding noise in 1st gear when shifting into drive from reverse.?.??? Then it disappears after second gear engages?
  16. Transmission Problems (TCC, Shifting)

    OEM Issues
    Hi All, For my first post here, I'd like to get some input on what I might be dealing with. I got my 08 Trailblazer LT (4.2) about a year ago, and ever since I've been dealing with the TCC intermittently locking/unlocking over and over, along with some other shifting issues. The TCC...
  17. [SOLVED] 2003 Trailblazer EXT L6 4x4 Transmission Madness

    I am trying to determine if a problem a friend is having is the PCM/ECM. His 2003 Trailblazer dumped its tranny and so he grabbed one off of a GMC Envoy(as he tells it). He had driven the Envoy to be sure the tranny was good, no problems. After his 'tech' swapped the transmissions, and...
  18. Trans shifter/ selector cable

    Where can I purchase the right transmission shifter cable for my 03 Trailblazer LS? I've been looking but can't find anyone who has it. Is the transmission type 4L60E correct for this vehicle? Thanks!
  19. [SOLVED] NOT SOLVED: Intermittent Limp Mode?replaced solenoid still get P0756

    The "How-To" and DIY Section
    P0756 Shift Solenoid B Wont go away - Need Help I just bought a 2004 I6 2WD with 150k miles. The truck had sat for an extended period due to engine missing on 4-5-6. Towed it home and did the tune up: drained gas tank, cleaned throttle body, new plugs, fuel filter, coil pack for #4 cylinder...
  20. [SOLVED] Checking transmission fluid level

    The "How-To" and DIY Section
    Please delete. Moved to tech.