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  1. 2004 Transmission Swap

    Transmission Mods
    My 2004 Trailblazer’s 4L60E transmission went out (4SDD). Due to the high miles i wasn’t going to fix but I was able to get a 9LHD for a very low cost. This is from a 1999 Chevy van. I knew the bellhousing of the 4SDD is approx 3/4 inch deeper and it has a larger torque converter. I was just...
  2. Trans Started slipping on freeway-Dead on Streets

    OEM Issues
    2003 4.2 4x4 130k oil changed ever 5-7k trans fluid changed ever 25k, most recent was at 120k So, wife and I were heading back from visiting family, and after coasting down hill on freeway, I noticed a lack of power on flat level ground @55mph. Noticed we were sitting at 3.5k rpm at that speed...
  3. Problem with trans or transfer case ?????

    4x4 Drivetrain
    Ok hears the speal! I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for my daughter, once she arrived we left. while pulling out the envoy reved and clunked (almost like reving in neutral and dropping into drive.) We continued down the road and there was a weird noise under the vehicle. (crap the...
  4. Caught in flood...Idle too high and trans problems

    OEM Issues
    Hey to all...wife caught in flash flood at mall.(about 2 - 3 ft of water) Let the truck dry over night and it started up. But now it idles too high and is having trouble going into 1 & 2 gear. it seems to do fine shifting after 2 gear. No previous problems at all. Anyone have ideas on what i...