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  1. LT/SS Parts that would fit and work in an 05 LS

    I’m looking to find some nicer parts that would fit in my 05 LS I6. Parts from the LT or SS models. Maybe even some aftermarket parts and equipment too. I do have aftermarket speakers, amp, and head unit. It would be cool to make this car nicer though. I do have a new rebuilt 4L60E transmission...
  2. Rear bumper facelift?

    Hello Trailvoyer's i'm new here and wanted too know if I can buy a 2007-2009 rear bumper and put it on my 2005 "to make it look newer" are the bumpers identical? Thanks for any help :)
  3. 2005 TB EXT 5.3 wont start, no click, ignition switch good battery good

    OEM Issues
    My trailblazer randomly would not start one morning. Key on, dash lights up, radio works, etc. Go to crank engine and the whole car goes dead. Battery is holding well over 12 volts, so thats no problem. I replaced the ignition switch yesterday, still the same symptoms. Thinking it may be a...
  4. SHIFTER LOOSE 2007 blazer

    OEM Issues
    So i put my car in park (2007 Trailblazer LS 4.2) it felt weird then put it back in drive and think my linkage cable popped off or its about to so when i put it into park when i get home i really feel like it popped off and shifter is completely loose. I figured the linkage cable popped off...
  5. Removing top dash cover?

    OEM Issues
    Has anyone removed the top dash cover? I have a vibrating sound like a clip broke on the passenger side under the dash between the tweeter and defrost vent. When I push on that area on the dash I can hear a clicking. How easy/difficult is it to remove? Is it just clips? If you're in the "Chevy...
  6. Blown Head Gasket Denial

    One day a knock came at my door: it was a neighbor looking for someone who used to live here that was interested in buying her truck. I told her, "Well, he doesn't live here any longer, but I happen to be looking for a work truck." She said, "I'm selling one for $300." We began to walk to...
  7. My 02 Trailblazer LTZ

    My 02 Trailblazer LTZ

    Love this truck! Power everything! Electric everything. Runs and drives like a dream!
  8. The stupid reason why the Trailblazer was perfect for me

    I've been jumping around this forum for a bit, so I figured I should share my story and why I ended up seeking out a Trailblazer. Basically, I spent two years working as a mechanic in a shop and fell in love with the profession. I ended up going back to school, but I wanted to continue learning...
  9. RPM flare with Defrost or A/C on after cleaning Throttle Body

    02-09 Vortec 4.2L I-6 Engine and Drivetrain
    Hey all. This past Saturday (11/23/19) I finally decided to go ahead and clean the TB on my 2005 4.2 I6 with ~155k miles. After cleaning it with CRC Throttle Body & Intake Cleaner, I reinstalled it, removed fuses #10 and #28 for 15 minutes as MAY03LT on YouTube mentioned in his video on...
  10. Need Harness Help for 02 Blazer for Android Head Unit Install

    Audio and Electronics
    I have a 2002 Trailblazer with a Bose stock radio which I am replacing with an android head unit. I understand I need a certain type of wiring harness however,I don't need On-Star or the steering wheel controls but I would like to retain the chimes. I already have 2 15's installed and my own...
  11. 2008 Trailblazer LT3 electrical issues

    I've read several posts detailing SOME of the issues I'm having, but haven't seen any with ALL of the issues... I replaced my battery a few weeks back. Almost immediately afterwards the following problems started... let me also preface this with it runs and drives fine. A tech 2 scan tool...
  12. Issues with 2006 Trailblazer Intermittent Wipers

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    I've got a 2006 Trailblazer and the intermittent wipers aren't working properly. The delay settings aren't in the same position anymore and almost every time the wipers are turned on the spray goes off for a few seconds. I'm thinking it's a short in the windshield wiper switch. Should that...
  13. 2007 TrailBlazer fuel pressure problem

    I have a 2007 TrailBlazer LT 5.3 V8 with the following problem: When I measure the pressure with the key ON, the fuel pressure is at 50psi, ignites with difficulty and once it ignites the fuel pressure goes to 95psi immediately and when the key go back to ON the pressure drops to 0. No idea...
  14. '04 Trailblazer running sluggish all of the sudden

    OEM Issues
    Hello all, I have an '04 trailblazer with 4.2L. Within the past week it seems to run sluggish around 1500-2000 rpm, no power. If I give it more gas it'll down shift and power is back, seems normal at the higher rpms (almost like hitting the power band in a two stroke dirt bike). I have an...
  15. 2003 4.2l 4x4 automatic shifter moves gear doesnt

    OEM Issues
    Drove perfect until I parked yesterday. This morning the shifter will move but it feels like an elastic is pulling it back towards park (easy until about D). Gear indicator doesn't show any movement off park and the tranny never engages. No codes using a CANODB2 reader. I'm thinking maybe a...
  16. No crank No start

    OEM Issues
    This is the craziest issue....No crank, no start. I rebuilt the engine, re-installed. No Crank and no start. I have tested all I have thought possible. Any new suggestions would be great. Here is what was tested: - New battery - Manually triggered stater via ground signal on relay - Cranks -...
  17. GMOS-04 wiring harness diagram

    Audio and Electronics
    Hi, I have a trailblazer 2004 and a gmos-04 device without the wiring, can someone send me some photos to build it? Thank :)
  18. 04 Trailblazer TPS error codes

    I recently have been having the high idle issue. Come to find out, the FPR hose was not connected to the resonator. I connected the FPR hose to the resonator and disconnected/connected the throttle body plug. The high idle issue was solved and the check engine light disappeared. I decided to...
  19. Safe clearance distance between tire and ball joint (245/75/17 on 07 TB)

    Hello all, I have a couple questions about wheel spacers on my 2007 Trailblazer LT. I had to replace tires yesterday and they said they had 245/70/17 at the shop. I looked it up while I waited and it said that this tire would barely fit on the Trailblazer but would be ok. So I went ahead with...
  20. [SOLVED] Interior swap

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Hey maybe you all can help me. I have not been able to find a thread on this but can the interior dash in a envoy be swapped into a 03 trailblazer.