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  1. Black Rims & Tires For Sale

    I am selling a set of really nice brand new wheels and tires that were originally bought for around $1,600, due to the fact that I just sold my SUV and the person who had bought it did not want the wheels with it for the price I was asking for. These tires and wheels have been on the vehicle for...
  2. 02 Trailblazer LS Interior

    Show and Shine
    I'm new here and I'm not exactly sure where to put this but, I'm getting a family hand me down 02 Trailblazer LS...I looked on youtube to see what exactly the interior looks like and haven't really found anything. Anyone have any interior pictures of the LS? :thx
  3. what size tires for leveled tb will fit without rubbing?

    im getting a lift, should i get 3" front and 2" back or just a 2.5" front? also what size tires can i clear i heard 32s or 31s same stock rims R16 right now i have stock 245/70R16, can someone give me a tire size i can look for and opinions on the lift. i have HID headlights plasti-dip my rims...
  4. What Backup Camera Should I Buy?

    2 months ago I bought a very cheap (about $15) Koolertron backup camera. It is now starting to go out.... I would like to buy a new one but I don't really know what brand to go with. The one that I have now screws onto the license plate, but I would really like an under mount model (above the...
  5. '02 TrailBlazer Fix or Sell (part 2)

    Note: I made a similar post about this topic a couple months earlier. The same truck problems exist, only now I feel like a decision has to be made sooner than later. TB Quick Stats: -'02 -2WD -113k miles So half a year's gone by and I still...
  6. 4 x 2 transmission blew up

    OEM Issues
    Yesterday my 2005, Trailblazer LS, 4.2, 2WD transmission blew all the fluid out and will not move. Had her towed in the rain and not had an opportunity yet to look underneath. My son told me that if the front seal is blown which would let all the fluid out that it is a good possibility that...
  7. Slightly Rough Idle even after Tune up, other weird problem.

    Good to be here fellas! I did some searching but waaay too many things came up on here, so my apologies if this has been addressed already.Kinda lengthy but here it goes... The other day, my car(2002 Trailblazer LS) was shaking badly while at a stop and then hesitated while pushing the gas, then...