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  1. Rims
    I know this may be a newbie question but I currently have a 2004 trailblazer LS that is sitting on the stock 16" rims that it came with, I am looking at some rims right now that are 17" and would like to know if they would fit without any fitment issues, are there any certain requirements that I...
  2. Interior
    Hey y’all my center console is cracked and falling to pieces, before I get a replacement I was wondering if I can swap in a trailblazer center console/cup holder assembly? the extra cup holder would be lovely of course and there’s plenty of trailblazers at the local parts yard
  3. My amateur build

    This is my amateur build, money is tight obviously lol, new master craft courser axt2, painted rims, TAC bull bar, ROLA roof rack, 4.2l I6 with a K&N performance air intake. Typical high schooler setup. I plan on adding alot more once I get more money, I plan on adding a stiffer suspension since...
  4. General
    I have 02 trailblazer LTZ 6 cyl 4wd.My battery was low on fluid,got a new one Yesterday.Got in the other day,it started shaking upon driving.It acted like something was stuck in the fuel line. Like it wasn't getting enough fuel. I got up to a certain speed it would kind of straighten out. My...
  5. Engine Tunes/Mods
    Hello Trailvoy community. I just finished my triple pillar gauge pod and i am about to install my new gauges. On both my fuel pressure sender unit and my transmission temp sensor there is a 1/8 (National pipe Thread). I need to know if on the 05 trailblazer there is a test port on the...
  6. Exterior
    I have a 05 Trail Blazer. I would like to know if there is any way I can put the body kit that the SS Trail Blazers have on them, onto mine. Thanks :tiphat
1-6 of 8 Results