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  1. Speaker and possible problems with ball joints, control arm, cv shaft, struts, sway bar?

    OEM Issues
    I have an 05 Chevy trail blazer 4.2 1. The speaker on the front driver side is only one that works, but sounds quiet, possible blown? Still kinda works but turn it up all the way, and can still hear over it. 2. The front driver side, sounds like maybe something is loose? Makes a noticeable...
  2. Basic Skid Plate setup for 2004 Envoy

    I wanted to get a skid plate either design or built and shipped to cover the vital parts of my Envoy (Oil pan, ect.) Also would like advice for a setup. Essentially my use transport to backpacking/hiking in the PNW, worst conditions on some of our unmaintained forest roads I think call for a...
  3. Newbie offering ss alloys

    Hello, my name is willdogg811 and I'm a Denali owner. (group: Hi willdogg) 06' envoy 5.3 black on black wifes daily. Usually I only get to drive it if I made a repair and test. Anyhow, I just registered so I could offer up a good deal for someone living in the south. And I'm sure some pointers...
  4. Loud ding coming from back end

    Loud noise coming from back end This just started today so I'm still looking into the situation, but I figured I could get some general feedback. I don't have a expanse of mechanical know how but I try my best. It's an 02 Envoy, that when making sharp left turns I hear a loud metallic ding...
  5. Maximum Wheel Size

    I have a 2003 GMC Envoy. I currently have Toyo Open Country AT2 245/70/17 on the stock chrome wheels (17x7) My Question is, would it be possible to fix 17x8.5 wheels on these tires and not have any issues? I have been looking around and the only black wheels I throughly like are in the 8.5''...
  6. Help Fitting 20" Rims

    :yes: I recently bought a 2004 Trailblazer LS (straight 6) for a winter vehicle. It’s nothing fancy: dents, dings, etc. 113 k miles, no major issues. I have a set of rims/tires that I am in love with that are not fitting! I'll be the first to admit I didn't do enough research prior to trying...
  7. Need tire size help

    Hey guy I have a 04 envoy that is in need of new tires, I'm currently looking at coopers atw. I currently have 245/65 17 on now and what I'm looking at is 245/70 what difference will it make? What may I need to do to the truck? Please help.
  8. Low Rolling Resistance/Eco Tires????

    Does anyone have Low Rolling Resistance Tires??? If you do, do they increase MPG by how much and do they handle,brake,and have EXCELLENT traction? Is it worth getting some??:confused:
  9. Looking for some advice about rims and tires

    Hello! This is my first post so hello all! I just recently was very lucky and I received a 2002 Chevy trailblazer for my graduation gift. I am going to put a 3" front 2" rear lift/level kit (suspension lift not body) on it and then I plan on purchasing a new set of rims and much bigger tires for...
  10. oem rims and 80% tires for sale

    Western Canada
    Hello, I am wanting to sell my stock rims and tires. The rims are OEM (bought new hub caps), the wheel are Hercules Terra Trac a/w 245/70r16. I live in Alberta, if anyones interested just message me. Thanks, Martin
  11. anyone want to buy my stock rims and tires

    TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hello, I am wanting to sell my stock rims and tires. The rims are OEM (bought new hub caps), the wheel are Hercules Terra Trac a/w 245/70r16. I live in Alberta, if anyones interested just message me. Thanks, Martin
  12. Will this fit

    TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Will 285/75/16 (33's) fit with just a 2.5" suspension lift and 1.5" wheel adapters? Thanks, Martin
  13. what lift for ext

    i have a 2003 ext and i just got 265/65r17 put on and i don't know if i should do the markmc 2.5 or 3 in lift?! I'm having trouble finding pic and threads to solve my problem. if you have ideas or pics please post :) thanks
  14. 245 75 r16

    Hello all, Just a quick question that I'm sure has been answered before but I wanted to double check. Does anyone out there know if a 245 75 R16 sized tire wil fit on a TB without any additional mods? I'm planning on putting on Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armors. According to tire rack they're...
  15. New to Trailvoy

    Hey folks, I got an 05 Envoy I would love to lift towards bigger and better things. Just looking for some advice, tips, pointers. Not sure how to use this forum that well as its new to me. But I'm looking for a 3/2 lift or a 2.5/1.5 just want to see if people can tell me their experiences. I...
  16. Drivers side vents not working after tire change

    I just got new tires put on. Now my drivers side vents are not working?? :hissy::confused::mad:
  17. Need help please 07 tb

    2013+ Chevrolet Trailblazer Forum
    I am a us navy sailor and recently bought a 07 trailblazer which i love my original plan was to suspension lift it but due to lack of kits available i installed a truxxx leveling kit 2.5 in the front 1.5 in the back which makes it stand much nicer i was wondering if anybody would have any advice...
  18. [SOLVED] Used tires

    Hello, We are moving from Phoenix to Houston next week. I'm searching for 4 new tires. With the cost of moving in many different areas, we are looking for a good deal. One option a set of 4 used tires. BFG Rugged Trail 9/32'ish left. Looks in good condition. Just curious what your thoughts...
  19. what size tires for leveled tb will fit without rubbing?

    im getting a lift, should i get 3" front and 2" back or just a 2.5" front? also what size tires can i clear i heard 32s or 31s same stock rims R16 right now i have stock 245/70R16, can someone give me a tire size i can look for and opinions on the lift. i have HID headlights plasti-dip my rims...
  20. Biggest tire i can fit on my trailblazer?

    I have a 07 trailblazer with a 2.5inch lift in the front and 1.5 in the back what is the biggest tire i can fit on 17inch stock rims without wheel spacers?