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  1. Tires
    Hey guy I have a 04 envoy that is in need of new tires, I'm currently looking at coopers atw. I currently have 245/65 17 on now and what I'm looking at is 245/70 what difference will it make? What may I need to do to the truck? Please help.
  2. Rims
    Hello! This is my first post so hello all! I just recently was very lucky and I received a 2002 Chevy trailblazer for my graduation gift. I am going to put a 3" front 2" rear lift/level kit (suspension lift not body) on it and then I plan on purchasing a new set of rims and much bigger tires for...
  3. Tires
    I may be a new member, but I have been looking up information from this site on my 2005 TB for quite a while now, I have a 77 series K&N filter, 2 sony 12" subwoofers...yaya, but now I am going for some high-priced items... I am looking at some 24's, no problem... I know the rims will fit... The...
  4. Towing
    Hi ! I'm about to buy my new summer tires (In Canada) and I'll be towing a camper this summer. What tire should I look for between LT & P ? :thx
  5. Tires
    Hey everyone, I found these two calculators to be quite helpful in choosing the correct tire size increase for my TrailBlazer I hope you find them helpful as well. This one has a visual comparison: This one has some good stats on multiple tire size...
  6. Tires
    Hey there, looking for some confirmation on some new tires. I have a great deal on some new tires for my TB but I want to be sure the size increase will not cause any problems. What I've got is what came on my TB from the dealer: 245/70R16 The tires I want to put on are: 245/75R16 Does anyone...
1-6 of 6 Results