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  1. General
    New 05 Trailblazer LS w/ 4.2 I6 owner. The check engine light is on, ran code reader, came out as something to do with thermostat. Not too worried about that since it doesn't appear to be running hot, looked up OEM thermostat temp as 190, gauge is reading about 200. What I am wondering about...
  2. General
    I can't find this particular problem anywhere. So here it is, (not that this is related but) I just replaced my water pump. Just before I replaced it I started hearing a ticking noise coming from around the throttle body. After changing the water pump,(again, I can't figure how it could be...
  3. OEM Issues
    I noticed this recently. When my air conditoning is on something under my hood makes a tick tick tick noise all the time but when I turn it off it stops. The air works fine I just know its not normal for a car to do this. Any solutions? :crazy:
1-3 of 3 Results