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throttle body

  1. [Solution] Crank but no start with P060E and P2101

    OEM Issues
    Howdy y'all! I had posted a question a while back and never got a reply. However, I remember looking through quite a few threads with similar issues without any solutions either. I just figured mine out. This was one of the dumber reasons for a problem. Basically, after swapping in a new motor...
  2. 04 Trailblazer TPS error codes

    I recently have been having the high idle issue. Come to find out, the FPR hose was not connected to the resonator. I connected the FPR hose to the resonator and disconnected/connected the throttle body plug. The high idle issue was solved and the check engine light disappeared. I decided to...
  3. Venture

    Hi, I have used the site in the past and it helped out a lot. I drive a 2004 Envoy 4.2L. Located in Westchester County NY. Having an issue with code P2138 and want to make sure if it is the pedal or the throttle body or what. Reduce Power light on after I start the car. Gas pedal works for one...
  4. Dirty throttle bottle related to oil consumption?

    Hey there new to the site. If anyone could give me some input I'd greatly appreciate it. I've had some problems lately I believe can be attributed to a dirty throttle body. Poor gas mileage, poor idle when engine is cold. Even had a few codes a while back (they disappeared later that day) that...
  5. 07 Trailblazer with P0506 and rough idle with AC engaged

    OEM Issues
    OK, so I've been dealing with this for quite some time now. Unfortunately, now I need to have my TB inspected and the check engine light won't go away. I've cleaned the MAF and the throttle body and still need to clean out the air filter, which is K&N. The P0506 code has been on here and...
  6. Another rough idle issue

    Air Induction
    Hey guys, I have been scouring this site for a couple weeks now trying to find a solution. First off, I have 99k miles on my 05 TB. Let me give you a walk through with my issue: Vehicle was running great, but I was approaching 100k miles so I decided to swap the spark plugs with the AC-Delco...
  7. ChevySmoke

    Please Help! 03 Trailblazer with 112,000 miles shutting off when coming to a stop and check engine light is on. Over the past few years I noticed my car would shut off when coming to a stop but it was only happened maybe 3 times a year. Just last week it started doing it about once a day and my...
  8. [SOLVED] Aftermarket Radio Not Working At All

    Audio and Electronics
    I have an 02 Trailblazer and about 3-4 weeks ago I installed a brand new Pioneer FH-X700BT head unit with a GMOS-1 wiring harness. Everything was in working order and sounding great. I was recently having some fluctuation in my RPMs from a cold start so I thought it would be helpful to clean...
  9. Seafoam issue will crank wont idle

    OEM Issues
    Hey guys I have an 06 ls 4.2l v6 that just passed 100k. I have my smog check coming up so I decided to give it a simple tune up. Car has been running fine so today I cleaned the TB entirely, swapped out all new spark plugs (disconnected battery throughout all this), cleaned and oiled K&N filter...
  10. Stalling

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Have thoroughly cleaned the throttle body and replaced the camshaft sensor, yet it still wants to stall out when braking to a stop or sitting at idle. Also wants to choke off on acceleration. It's not throwing off any code. Need help! This site has been great in the past, hope you can help again!
  11. Throttle body

    Need suggestions! I have cleaned throttle body and replaced camshaft sensor (it was throwing out code p0340) but it still shudders and stalls out, especially when braking or accelerating from a dead stop. Is the throttle body bad? Suggestions needed. I also reset the computer after cleaning the...
  12. Frustrated - Reduced engine power

    OEM Issues
    I have seen a lot of post about my problem but not sure how to pin point problem. I get the reduced engine power light. The engine seems to only go into reduced engine power when the gas is feathered. If I floor it and let off complety the light/engine runs normally, if I am use my cruse...
  13. Delayed throttle body noise? Ticking from throttle body?

    I can't find this particular problem anywhere. So here it is, (not that this is related but) I just replaced my water pump. Just before I replaced it I started hearing a ticking noise coming from around the throttle body. After changing the water pump,(again, I can't figure how it could be...
  14. Idle Problem, Please Help!

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Hello... I have an 04 GMC Envoy SLT. Its an I6 and just had the transmission rebuilt. It has around 116K miles, and the plugs were changed less than a year ago as well as a professional fuel system cleaning. They cleaned the coil packs but did not change any out. About 6 months ago, well...
  15. 4.2L Throttle Body Replacement relearn?

    Can anyone tell me if a relearn is required after replacing the throttle body assembly on a 2004 Envoy 4.2L? The dealer told me today, I need replace mine because of a fault inside the TB itself for $533 installed. Thanks!
  16. app sensor/tbs/5v diagnostic help

    2003 envoy 4.2L....replaced fan clutch/wiring harness. APP assembly. getting code P1217 5v reference. purchased a A/C delco thottle position sensor plug/pigtail. . any guidance on where to start or how to check for the voltage mismatch with a VOM? dont want to replace the entire throttle body...
  17. Intermitten Misfire / Rough Idle

    OEM Issues
    I have been dealing with a misfire code for a few months that only occurs if the truck has been idling for a few minutes, finally got around to working on it a bit. This is what I have done thus far. New spark plugs 3 new coils including the one on cylinder 5 (the cylinder throwing the misfire...
  18. Am I being had?

    OEM Issues
    As the engine light came on, I went to get it checked. The guys at Pep boys told me the code was coming from the throttle body. Having read a few threads in this forum on Throttle body cleanup, etc., decided that I didn't want to mess up with the cleaner, etc. and would bring the truck to the...
  19. Rough Idle / How do I Check a coil? / TCCM

    OEM Issues
    Hello everyone, and thanks in advance! '02' Envoy SLT 4.2L I-6 90,000 (bought it from my sister 2 yrs ago it's been babied) And I Love it! I've had some common problems. Battery went dead shortly after I got it. It set the "service 4WD" light Installed new Battery, tried all the tricks had to go...
  20. Throttle Body Replacement

    Just wondering if anyone has replaced a throttle body on a GMC Envoy? I found the replacement unit several places and they all say "without throttle actuator." Is the actuator separate from the throttle body on these engines that it's sold this way? Do I need to buy the actuator as well? Any...