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  1. HVAC Issues

    So I'm at a loss. My HVAC has the following list of issues: The air is blowing out of all vents. It is set on floor, and if you hit the mode button it will start clicking behind the dash. However, it still blows full out of the vent and defrost. In other words, when I don't want it coming...
  2. 03 TB LT EXT still overheating

    OEM Issues
    Ok this is what has been done: Replaced Fan Clutch a year ago (twice because the first one was bad within a month) Replaced Radiator, hoses, clamps, cap (done this past week) Water Pump replaced (Also replaced this past week) Thermostat replaced last year (done before fan clutch because no one...
  3. external temperature reading on a/c display is reading alot higher than actual temp

    I have a 2004 trailblazer I just got and when using the a/c the ext temp on the display panel goes up rapidly. It reaches around 120 degrees and then toggles back and forth around that area. Where is this sensor located? Could it be bad? Also, when I turn off the truck you can hear a pinging...
  4. Overheating gauge stting right on 240 help

    02 trailblazer ltz 116k as u guys can see when i have the rpm on idle its rise up and i rise the rmp to 2k the gauge goes down. This car has been sitting for awhile so i dont if this is normal on this type of car. My temp outside is around 50F. Right now
  5. )& TBSS proper engine temp.

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Hey Guys! I have been using TV to do all the work on my 2003 Tb LS 4x4. Just last week I Purchased a 2007 Trailblazer SS and have decided to become an actually paying member of this website. It has helped me so many times & I would like to give some information back to new TB owners. I have a...
  6. Thermostat problem/bad mpg

    For a while I was getting really bad mpg, and I found out that I had a very, very leaky fuel pressure regulator. I got that replaced again in January because since last July (or around that time) I was still getting really bad mileage. When I first bought the vehicle and up until I got bad...
  7. 2002 Envoy - Can only describe as "wheezing"

    OEM Issues
    I have an '02 Envoy that has been giving me fits. A little history, a few years ago it started doing what I would call wheezing. Under acceleration, instead of a low smooth rumble, the engine would sound like it was under a much higher load (RPM's normal) louder and more of a high-pitched...
  8. Ambient Temperature Effect on Cooling?

    Hello, Today it's the hottest its been in Iowa for as long as I can remember--blazing sun, 99 degree's with 115F "real feel". The wife did some stop and go traffic today over the course of two hours with stops in between for appointments. Usually the TB stays solid on the 210 mark, but today...
  9. Coolant Temps- 202-215F Seem high?

    Yesterday was 90 Degrees with 90% relative Humidity. When Running the AC, my engine Temps according to the scangauge were ranging between 204 Degrees at cruise and sitting in traffic on the mass pike, and as high as 215 Degrees While WOT up hill passing a truck. Shut off AC it runs 195-197...
  10. HVAC Auto Temperature Control

    Ok, I'm not sure if this is a real problem or just me. I searched through the threads but could not find the same specific thing ( I probably did not look hard enough) Here's what's going on, now that the seasons are changing it's getting colder outside and the climate control is acting...