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  1. Southeast
    :tiphat In honor of Mike's (hpimichael02) birthday, he'll be in town Friday night and Saturday. The idea of a mini meet was thrown out there, but we haven't figured out exactly what to do, where, and when. I'm thinking lunch, somewhere in the USF area? :undecided What do you guys think...
  2. Southeast
    July 17, 2010 Picnic Island Park, Tampa, FL Shelter #607 Alex is busy, may not make it, so I'm running the point on this operation. Making a new thread because this info is buried in the discussion. If anyone wants to donate for the shelter rental, paypal [email protected] . Put...
  3. Southeast
    Tampa 2010 Discussion We had a blast last year and a decent turnout for Florida's first official TrailVoy meet. Well after catching up on some of the chatter, it's that time again to get our 2nd annual meet in the works! The tentative date and location will be Saturday July 17 at Picnic Island...
1-3 of 3 Results