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  1. Suspension
    Hello when i bought this truck someone had already replaced the stock struts with a heavy duty set and they are much to stiff. Im looking for something definitely softer. What would you prefer? I dont do much towing.
  2. Suspension
    I have a '03 TB. Replaced upper/lower arms, easy-struts, links, tie rods, ball joints. The control arms I bought were Moog and the lower control arms come with the bracket already installed to the CA. Took it to Belle for the alignment and to patch the FP tire. Belle Tire said my CA brackets...
  3. Suspension
    Hi folks, I've got a 2002 trailblazer that I'm working on, it's my speedy beater, and I'm looking to install the 2 3 lowering springs, but all the tutorials online just replace the spring and strut assembly, they don't show how to put on JUST a spring. Would anybody be able to tell me how to...
  4. 02-09 Brakes, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    Im looking into doing front end work on my trailblazer and ive been debating on if i should buy one of the front end kits i see online. Ive done simple work but i was wondering if there are any specialty tools i should be aware of having before i order a kit. Im looking at replacing the...
  5. OEM Issues
    Hey all I recently did my rear end links and sway bar bushings on my 03 Trailblazer. I think a missed something, because on one side, I can see the bolt where it connects to the frame moving up and down as I rock the car. I cranked it down as tight as I could on the repair, and checked the...
  6. Suspension
    Have an 03 TB with 151k miles on it. About 5 years ago I had the lower control arm brackets replaced. Fast forward to this week, and I went to check out the alignment of the tires because there was some uneven wear on the tires (ended up having to replace them). The alignment guy said he...
  7. General
    I have an 05 SLE 2wd, Envoy. I am attempting to replace the shocks and struts on, discovered I have Bilstein Shocks and struts. Is this OEM or aftermarket, and what should I replace them with to achieve the original ride and height, confused. Help!
  8. Suspension
    Has anybody done a 3" body lift on the Envoy XL? I'd love to do a body lift but i'm having a hard time finding any info on it for the XL specifically. Im thinking it would be exactly like the normal one but maybe a few extra parts are needed.
  9. Off-Road
    So I installed a suspension lift (the 2-1 EZ lift), and ever since then the passenger cv axle keeps on coming out just far enough for the 4 wheel drive not to work. Please help... we have tried replacing the axle, replacing the axle bearing, a spacer.... I AM LOST.....:bonk:
  10. Suspension
    Hello all, I installed a 3" Front and 2" Rear suspension Lift. I kept stock shocks for now but am ready to replace. PLEASE LIST YOUR LIFT TYPE WITH THE SHOCKS/STRUTS THAT YOU USED.
  11. Suspension
    The links I'm getting have grease zerts, any particular grease I should use.
  12. Suspension
    Hello gentlemen and ladies… I'm a new/recent owner of a 2008 Trailblazer and new to the forum…glad I found you. I'm inclined to do most of my own repairs and maintenance, but need lots of sound advice given that I haven't turned a single wrench on her to date. So...I'm pretty certain I need...
  13. Suspension
    Hi. My 03 envoy has 170k and original struts. Do I keep the springs or buy the combo strut set with springs? It looks easier to change with the springs already on. I assume i can rent the compression tool at Autozone. My concern is the new springs could be sub standard. Now, are Sensen...
  14. Suspension
    I have read just about every thread about this issue. I have already completely rebuilt the front suspension and front brakes on 2006 GMC Envoy Denali (new upper & lower control arms, new upper and lower ball joints, new CV shafts , new sway bar bushings, new sway bar end links, new brake...
  15. 4x4 Drivetrain
    03 tb i6 engine 4x4 ...168k About month and half ago started making kind of slight whirling /scraping noise up front that would increase with speed ..really would only notice it while taking corners ...both directions about same . Turning slow in parking lot was very faint..high speed on/off...
  16. Suspension
    I'll be as to the point as possible: Sound coming from passenger side. When hitting bumps. Loud clanking at General speeds (15-50). Under certain circumstances the clanking can turn into a grinding. Also noted a card in the bike spokes noise upon reversal only from time to time. I've replaced...
  17. Suspension
    Hey everyone I have an envoy with Coil suspension. Im going to be loading it with approx 1500lbs of cargo (car audio). Im wanting to eliminate the sag and strain on the suspension. Ive only been able to find coil helper bags that support up to 1000lbs so i was thinking maybe swap over to air...
  18. The "How-To" and DIY Section
    Hello All, Anyone know or have a walk through for replacing the front struts and rear shocks on a 2002 Envoy? I am also having some issues deciding what to go with. See below. I recently purchased an 2002 Envoy SLT with 135k on it. I have redone all four rotors and pads, all new BFG All...
  19. Suspension
    Hi, just wondering where I could buy the 87-89 front springs, and tahoe z71 rear springs? Dealership? Thanks, Martin
  20. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Will 285/75/16 (33's) fit with just a 2.5" suspension lift and 1.5" wheel adapters? Thanks, Martin