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  1. Classifieds
    Stealth subwoofer box for a 12” sub. subwoofer not included
    $80 USD
  2. General
    Hi, I am new here. I just got a tube subwoofer for my 2008 trailblazer LT, and was wondering if any one had any ideas or suggestions for mounting or strapping down my subwoofer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Audio and Electronics
    i got a pair of 12w4-4 sub-woofers about a week ago and they are actually pretty cool. they are from 1996 and made in the united states so they are as old as i am. they still work great and i just replaced the foam ring on both of them. i would like to wire them into my 2005 trailblazer ls and...
  4. Audio and Electronics
    Ok so I got 2 free sub-woofers about a week ago and first I looked for the wrong speaker before because I trusted my box and Im already out some cash because I bought a foam repair kit. So Im really nervous because I already messed up. I looked for the specs on this speaker and I can only find...
  5. The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    New to this forum I have built a semi stealth box for and Envoy I have changed plans and am going to go with a 10. not a 12 please let me know if you are interested in buying it (cheap) still needs sealing and carpet or vinyl but is going to be sweet. also dont know how to post image help a newbie
  6. Audio and Electronics
    hi everyone , i have a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer 4.2 with 6 cd changer Bose System.It's so good and better than other factory cars,and delight with my Bose System.I want to add a subwoofer on it ? Can it possible?I love it because my side mirrors shaking and my rear view mirror definitely...
  7. Audio and Electronics
    -- What's up forum crew -- I have been watching plenty of threads about audio upgrades, most of them a few years old. Outdated threads tend to go hand in hand with outdated technological info. I am looking to beef up my system on a dime (big surprise). I already switched out the HU with a...
  8. Introductions
    What's crackalackin forum crew?! Jumping in to say hey and so I can start jumping in on/start/update other threads. I'm starting to shop for upgrades in the audio dept, so I'll be posting that soon. Good talk, see ya out there.
  9. Audio and Electronics
    Ok, so I've been looking into a subwoofer for a while now but I just don't really feel like spending $600+ for a sub, amp, and new head unit, while leaving the other speakers as factory non-bose speakers. The sub I had picked out was Pioneer's TS-SW2501S2 or S4. I was going to do an install of...
  10. My Denali

    Jackhammer subs with green led interior glow behind
  11. Audio and Electronics
    Many have thought about it, few have attempted, even less have succeeded. the coveted 12" stealth box. this is how we dooz it Sub this time around, memphis mojo 15-CM12D2. ****er is heavy. it wants under a cube sealed, piece of cake first lets cut some metal out. this is what i started...
  12. Audio and Electronics
    is it normal that the bass on the stock speakers doesn't work on a cold weather (20)? and...... my subwoofer won't work too! I hope I can still fix my sub :(:(
  13. Introductions
    i have a 2004 GMC Envoy SLT...the factory bose sound system that is in it sounded beautiful until one day the bass went out!...i dont think it is totally out because when i turn the bass down you can tell teh difference... so the bass is still there...just not as powerful as before...also every...
  14. Audio and Electronics
    I've had my Trailbazer for a few months and in my opinion it's definitely the best vehicle I've driven. I really enjoy my music but don't really have much money to spend on an after-market system. I figured that I could start with a fairly decent sub but I really didn't want to spend more than...
  15. Audio and Electronics
    Just a spin-off of the 'Post Your Audio System Pics', I would like you to post some videos of your system in action. Make sure to include, - video(s) - information of your system If you have problems embedding the youtube video make sure to read this thread...
  16. Interior
    So I got all this stuff about 2 weeks ago and had it installed about 2 days after I got it. Just today I finished putting the capacitor in and cleaning up all the wires. The whole setup cost me no more than $240 end to end. A lot of my buddies have sub setups too and let me tell you this one...
  17. Sound

    2 Kenwood amps, and an Alpine Type R 12" subwoofer Sub replace with a JBL 25th Anniversary 12"
  18. JL 12W6V2

    This is my new grille for my sub. Hopefully all is safe now in the back
  19. JL W6V2

    This is my latest project. This speaker is incredible and I love having all the space in my trunk again.
1-19 of 19 Results