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sub box

  1. Audio Upgrade - your $.02! Components/amps/subs

    Audio and Electronics
    -- What's up forum crew -- I have been watching plenty of threads about audio upgrades, most of them a few years old. Outdated threads tend to go hand in hand with outdated technological info. I am looking to beef up my system on a dime (big surprise). I already switched out the HU with a...
  2. What's crackalackin?!

    What's crackalackin forum crew?! Jumping in to say hey and so I can start jumping in on/start/update other threads. I'm starting to shop for upgrades in the audio dept, so I'll be posting that soon. Good talk, see ya out there.
  3. sub box ideas

    Audio and Electronics
    I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on a sub box. I was hoping to not take up a ton of room cuz i do use the back storage for riding gear and whatnot. I have seen some where it goes on passenger side and really like that. I listen to all types of music, so was hoping to find a design...