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  1. Suspension
    So I’m about get new shocks for my 02 trailblazer, (prlly get the bilstiens over the pro comps) but will I need to upgrade everything else with it such as control arms struts, sway bars, longer break lines etc. also have a lift kit so how would that work with the slightly larger more heavy duty...
  2. Suspension
    We have the new parts but want to know if there is any precautions such as when taking the stock ones off, and we also want to know the torque specs for the bolts. Do we let the back end sag or what? Never done this before and didn't see anything while searching
  3. Suspension
    Hello all, I installed a 3" Front and 2" Rear suspension Lift. I kept stock shocks for now but am ready to replace. PLEASE LIST YOUR LIFT TYPE WITH THE SHOCKS/STRUTS THAT YOU USED.
  4. Off-Road
    So I am about to order Marks 2.5 inch lift kit... I have no clue what I am doing haha.... I have been searching around and cant really find any how toos on it? Does anyone know if there is one on the site? Also what tools do I need? I talked to mark and he said I will need a.... Air...
  5. Suspension
    i have a lift kit on the way, so i decided to check things out to day, i turned the wheel to look at the front suspenion and noticed that the tires were worn more on the insides. about and inch and a half - two inches. i was wondering if anyone could pin point the root of the problem. also when...
1-5 of 5 Results