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  1. Rims
    I have an 04’ trailblazer. I wanted to lift it up a bit but also don’t want the hassle of a lift kit. What’s the biggest size tire and rim I can fit on stock suspension?
  2. Audio and Electronics
    So, I'm going to fully explain my situation to help alleviate some concerns. I successfully pulled the Bose speakers from an '03 Envoy at a salvage yard, and swapped them out with my stock sound system (mainly for an upgrade, as the rear stock speakers were blown.) They work great, but I...
  3. Interior
    Hi All I for one live in KSA where OnStar is not available and I love having bluetooth to play Audio etc from my phone to my Cars Speakers And also I didnt want to mess with the stock radio as I really love the chimes and stuff So I simply bought a Bluetooth Adapter by Logitech I believe. It...
  4. Towing
    Ok, to begin with I am going to say that I have spent a good few hours reading about towing with a trailblazer since I never done it before. I have a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer with 145k miles, 3.42 gear. I used to be a technician at a GM dealer, so the car is at a very good shape. All fluids...
  5. Mid-Atlantic
    Hey guys I'm looking to sell my stock running boards that came with my 05 EXT LS. If you know anyone that is looking for them or is looking for running boards for an extended blazer/envoy or for any truck that can take them lemme know. I'm gonna put them on ebay and craigslist in a week, but i...
  6. Mid-Atlantic
    Looking for denali wheels off a 2006 gmc envoy denali 6 lug let me know will buy Please let me know ASAP wanna wrapp them in 32" tires with a 2 1/2 in lift Some one get at me
  7. Gunsmyth's TB

    this is the before picture. i will be uploading afters for each upgrade i install.
1-9 of 9 Results