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  1. 2007 trailblazer front end work.

    02-09 Brakes, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    Im looking into doing front end work on my trailblazer and ive been debating on if i should buy one of the front end kits i see online. Ive done simple work but i was wondering if there are any specialty tools i should be aware of having before i order a kit. Im looking at replacing the...
  2. ‘08 TB Ls - when I make full turn - vehicle won’t move

    02-09 Vortec 4.2L I-6 Engine and Drivetrain
    Hello, I have a 2008 Trailblazer ls , a few weeks ago I went to the gas station and when I went to turn into the parking spot, it didn’t want to move. I stepped hard on the gas and forced it, the car started jumping and wheels were chirping, but I made it. I then drove back home and same thing...
  3. Off-Center Steering

    OEM Issues
    After my Trailblazer was towed, my steering wheel was not aligned to where the vehicle drove straight. The vehicle drives straight just fine and doesn't pull left or right, it is just annoying that the steering wheel has to be turned a bit to achieve it. Is this simply an alignment issue? Or is...
  4. 03 TB Steering Wheel won't return to center

    OEM Issues
    Was in a car accident where my 2003 TB took a hit on the driver side front. The lower control arm assembly had to be replaced, as well as some tie rods and some other components that slip my mind. Since then, when I steer the car to the left it will maintain that angle until I move the...
  5. Slight Shimmy/Shake/Wobble

    Last week did some much needed work...we noticed some play in the wheel and had already replaced hub assemblies. Noticed my tie rod ends were loose and really worn. So we replaced those. My dad also noticed this: when the trailblazer was on the floor, the lower ball joint he was looking at...
  6. 2006 TB P/S problems

    I have a 2006 TB that just developed power steering problems, first there was a small whine from the pulley that lasted a week or so then this past weekend the noise got much louder and the P/S was only working intermittently. I stopped to check fluid level, noticed a hissing sound on the...
  7. Wheel with Radio Controls

    Audio and Electronics
    I've got an 03 TB and have a new Head unit, speakers, and amp on delivery to me, and a thought popped up in my mind. The head unit has an optional accessory to make it compatible with steering wheels that have controls for a radio, and I wouldn't mind having the ability to control the radio from...
  8. No Stabilitrak on 2005, now what??

    OEM Issues
    Hi guys, i have been reading a lot and i found my loved 2005 TB EXT doesn't have stabilitrak or traction control, cause it wasn't avaliable until 2006. Am I right?? I looked for the little button on muy shift lever and there is nothing. I'm kinda sad :( The question is, before 2006 isn´t there...
  9. No Power steering turning right problem

    OEM Issues
    My '03 LTZ w/ 88K lost it's power assist on right hand turns. It started with momentary loss like after backing out of a parking spot. Now the power assist is basically non-existant for RH turning, although it works perfectly fine turning left. Added some Lucas magic leak stop fluid and it...
  10. Steering Wheel Logo

    Has anyone ever put leds behind the chevy logo in the middle of the steering wheel? jw what's involved in something like that, and if it would be worth it. Thanks Matt
  11. Steering Wheel Radio Controls

    I have been looking all over the internet and have come up short... I have my 04 Trailblazer and I am starting to customize the thing the way I want. I have become overly annoyed without Radio Controls, I have found a few places that have OEM Wheels but I don't want to buy something if It...
  12. Complete Front-end Overhaul

    After reading many of the forums here on TrailVoy over the past few months, I consider myself very lucky. I've got a 2004 Envoy XUV, 6-cyl I bought new, that just turned 102,000 miles and the only things I've had to do to it is replace tires, brakes, air filter, wiper blades and battery. I did...
  13. Steering feels "squishy"

    Whenever I'm driving around, as I turn corners it feels like the steering is a little squishy. Kind of like a light grinding feeling in the wheel. I did a manual inspection and everything under the hood and in the chassis looks good. Wondering if there is a fluid or belt problem? Thanks!!