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  1. The Track
    Hey so I was wondering if anyone has upgraded their steering wheel and if so what hub did you use,I just need to know which steering column uses the same splines on the end as our gmt360 platform I have a 2005 gmc envoy I tried one for a gmc,Chevrolet silverado Sierra s10 jimmy but it didn't work.
  2. 02-09 General Tech Q&A
    So I put in an aftermarket steering wheel and when I was taking the center bolt off I hit my steering wheel a couple times to break it loose and something broke behind the lock and it broke into pieces and now my steering wheel wobbles and is super loose but still steers the truck perfectly fine...
  3. General
    Hey All, First post ever! I posted in this section because I have no idea what it's concerning/where it's located and what's wrong. Several weeks ago, I noticed this shudder/vibration under the steering wheel whenever I first started the car or right after I shut it off (the engine normally...
  4. General
    2005 Chevy TB LT I6 4x4. I had a vibration in my steering wheel for a month or two, which was more noticeable on the highway at speeds of 65+. As it progressively got worse I finally took it in to get looked at. The shop said I needed new ball joints on both sides of my front end. I replaced...
  5. Suspension
    Hey guys. I'm new to the forum, and I'm very glad I found it. Looks like there are some very knowledgeable people here!!! I have looked through a few of the forums, and found a few post that are similar to mine, but here is my issue: The first time it happened was about a year and a half...
  6. Interior
    Always wanted to, just never took the time to. I did the first conversion in the Firehawk (or Trans Am) from all red to all blue... So I got the motivation the other day to do the SS finally and so happy I did! :) Took stuff apart, no biggie on doing it, wasn't complicated. The main cluster...
  7. General
    Whenever I'm driving around, as I turn corners it feels like the steering is a little squishy. Kind of like a light grinding feeling in the wheel. I did a manual inspection and everything under the hood and in the chassis looks good. Wondering if there is a fluid or belt problem? Thanks!!
  8. Interior
    Would someone be able to answer a few questions for me since I've seen peeps have done this successfully? I've been pouring through the forums, but the puzzle is still scattered. :bonk: First, I have a base model 07 Trailblazer. Do I need to purchase a cluster that has DIC? Mine cycles through...
1-8 of 8 Results