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  1. General
    New member here - recently acquired a 2005 LS for an upcoming long road trip (in about a month). Want to make sure everything's ready to go when we hit the pavement (or not-pavement, as it may be!). So far pretty happy with the rig - changed out plugs, battery, and cleaned throttle body which...
  2. Suspension
    2002 TB has a major leak on the bushing and seal of the power steering rack. Just received the replacement part. Looks pretty basic of a job, but am totally up for advice and/or watch outs anyone may have before I dig into this bad boy! CK
  3. OEM Issues
    My '03 LTZ w/ 88K lost it's power assist on right hand turns. It started with momentary loss like after backing out of a parking spot. Now the power assist is basically non-existant for RH turning, although it works perfectly fine turning left. Added some Lucas magic leak stop fluid and it...
1-3 of 3 Results