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  1. 2005 TB EXT 5.3 wont start, no click, ignition switch good battery good

    OEM Issues
    My trailblazer randomly would not start one morning. Key on, dash lights up, radio works, etc. Go to crank engine and the whole car goes dead. Battery is holding well over 12 volts, so thats no problem. I replaced the ignition switch yesterday, still the same symptoms. Thinking it may be a...
  2. 03 Envoy Started for A Second and Died

    OEM Issues
    Hey all! My 03 Envoy just died on me today :( . I was at work and went out to my car to get some air conditioning for a few minutes (I work in a food truck and the A/C was broken so it was getting up to 100 Degrees inside) I started it and it ran for about a second and then died. I wasn't really...
  3. Engine turn over with no key

    I have owned my 2007 TBSS since it was brand new. Due to the famous engine oil pickup issue it sat for 3 years with 77,000 miles on it. I replaced the engine with a factory re build in October 2016. Its now April 2017 with about 88,000 miles on it and the strangest thing happened. I was...
  4. Intermittent Failure to Crank

    First time poster, hoping to become a regular around here. I've got a 2006 Trailblazer ext 4x4 with the 5.3 V8 that has suddenly decided not to attempt to spin the starter when the key is moved to the start location. Battery charge and grounds are fine. With the hood open and the main fuse block...
  5. Intermittent Low Alternator Charge (guage&voltmeter), Intermittant (Just Clicks) Star

    Intermittent Low Alternator Charge (guage&voltmeter), Intermittant (Just Clicks) Star 2002 GMC ENVOY SLE 4X4 Bought the SUV a few months ago. A few weeks later I packed the car and went to leave for a road trip and starter just clicked and then nothing; then clicked again when trying to start...
  6. 2008Trailblazer sometimes won't start

    Turn the key all lights on, but sometimes the starter does not engage. Installed new battery, changed the Starter relay , worked fine a few days and then it works or not. Removed starter and had it checked at Starter Shop- Starter fine. Any suggestions as to what else could be wrong?
  7. Trouble Starting after fill-up

    OEM Issues
    Hi Guys, I've been having some trouble for a while now. Each time I fill my tank, i hop in the car and turn the key to start it. The engine starts, but it sounds like the system chokes on the fuel and there a sounds almost like the starter out of sync. Each time after that it starts perfectly...
  8. Envoy Starting Problems

    Hi everyone, I have a 2003 Envoy that is experiencing some serious starting issues. Sometimes it starts, and sometimes it won't. When it doesn't start, it won't even crank or attempt to turn over. All of the lights and electrical systems seem to be working, so it doesn't seem like a battery...
  9. 2003 Trailblazer Starting Issues

    OEM Issues
    So here is the deal, I have a 2003 Trailblazer, 4.2 L I6, and earlier this week I went out to start it and nothing. Just put a brand new battery in and the lights come on and do not dim when I turn the key so I know it is not a bad battery. I troubleshoot and decide it could be the ignition...
  10. Starter or Ignition Module?

    OEM Issues
    My 2006 Envoy Denali has a starting problem today. Up until today everything was fine. Then this morning my wife took it for a short drive. Then it was parked and I replaced the air shocks in the back like everyone else here has had to do. Then I used the key "on" feature to run the air...
  11. [SOLVED] HELP!! Envoy wont start

    hello. i am having an issue with my voy not starting with the key. i have an aftermarket remote start and it still starts the voy perfectly. all accesories work when started with the remote. however when i use the key to start the envoy, nothing happens. it doesnt crank, the guages dont move...
  12. Starter? Solenoid? Ignition Switch?

    OEM Issues
    Hey guys...been having a problem with starting my car lately, or should i say again... Last year, i had my car starter removed, car went to the dealer, with no answer to what was happening, since it started everytime for them... well a few days later, it happened Last year, i...
  13. Breifly turns over but wont start 02 Envoy

    I have an 02 Envoy and need some help. I am 2 hours from home and it will not start. All lights work, battery meter reads 14 and is only 6 months old. When I attempt to start it i get a breif "rrr" and then nothing. Tried to jump start it and still does the same thing. For now i simply need...
  14. 04TB Replaced Radio, Now Won't Start

    I replaced my OEM stereo with an aftermarket stereo. I hardwired it (didn't use a harness) now won't start, key fob won't work, door's won't lock. Removed battery cable, waited for a little while, replaced cable, still not working. Can someone please help me? Thank you in advance!
  15. 06 I6 4WD Won't Turn over

    I went to start my 06 this morning and it wouldn't turn over. All of the cluster warning lights turn on like normal....when i tried to turn it over the first time it started, all the lights stayed on, then it died. I tried a second time and got next to nothing out of it, and it made a rumbling...
  16. Remote starter for 2007 Trailblazer LT 4x4

    Audio and Electronics
    I want to install a remote starter on my wife's Trailblazer as a Christmas gift. In looking for remote starters online I read someplace that some TB's may already have a remote start option installed and I would just need to get the remote. First off--is this true? Secondly--how can I find...
  17. socket size for starter removal

    My truck is stuck on a parking lot. I'm pretty sure it's the starter, cause I have 12 Volt on the big wire on the starter coming from the battery, and 12 volt also on the small purple wire when the key is turn to crank position...and I already change the ignition switch and the starter relay...
  18. Starter won't start.

    While driving my 2002 I6 Trailblazer, I parked it. Went inside for 30 minutes, came back out and the starter would not turn over when the key was turned to the start position. I thought it was a fuse/relay, and replaced the starter relay and checked the fuses I could find related to ignition and...
  19. Replaced water pump, now won't start

    OEM Issues
    Thanks to all the great help on this forum, I replaced my water pump with minimal problems yesterday. But, now my TB won't start. I managed to jump it off twice, but only if I pumped the gas pedal a little bit, I haven't been able to do that since though. The battery is only a year old, and I...