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  1. General
    I have owned my 2007 TBSS since it was brand new. Due to the famous engine oil pickup issue it sat for 3 years with 77,000 miles on it. I replaced the engine with a factory re build in October 2016. Its now April 2017 with about 88,000 miles on it and the strangest thing happened. I was...
  2. General
    Turn the key all lights on, but sometimes the starter does not engage. Installed new battery, changed the Starter relay , worked fine a few days and then it works or not. Removed starter and had it checked at Starter Shop- Starter fine. Any suggestions as to what else could be wrong?
  3. OEM Issues
    Hi all, I'm having issues with my car. My 05 envoy was having intermittent starting issues for 3 months. I read on here that it could be the starter relay. I replaced that. Thought that fixed it. No dice! It started acting up again last week and taking the relay out and re-installing it...
  4. General
    Does anyone have a description of this circuit? More pacifically, I want to know if a passlock fault is one of the potential causes of a no crank condition (pcm not grounding starter relay). Thanks. Update from the helms manual thank you helms manual for clearing that up
  5. OEM Issues
    Here's what happened and what I have done so far: Ran errands this morning, everything is normal. Got home, hung out, needed to go back to the store, the TB won't start.. At that time, the battery was fine, fully charged. All electronics worked fine, lights on, etc.. It wounded like a massive...
1-5 of 5 Results