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sputtering engine

  1. Sputtering/Rough Idle at Takeoff Camshaft Sensor Relaced

    OEM Issues
    Hello Trailvoy, I have been really stressed out lately and I was hoping to god that someone my know my issue because the mechanic doesnt. And I am really afraid to take it to the dealer to shell out a tremendous amount of money as funds are low. About a 2 weeks ago I was having issues where my...
  2. [SOLVED] 2006 TB Check engine: misfire cyl 1???

    OEM Issues
    I was taking my girlfriend out for our anniversary (starting good huh?) when I fire up my 06 TB and it started sputtering and jerking in idle. Issues were similar while Oscar Mike .Tried running through last tank of gas then filled up with "89" to see if the quality of fuel was a problem but...