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  1. Off-Road
    Hello everybody, over the past year I have been building my 2007 Trailblazer for the sole purpose of being a beast on the trail, throughout this post I will be discussing everything that I have found to work and everything that doesn't work for the truck. I have tried to keep everything as...
  2. Suspension
    Hello all, I installed a 3" Front and 2" Rear suspension Lift. I kept stock shocks for now but am ready to replace. PLEASE LIST YOUR LIFT TYPE WITH THE SHOCKS/STRUTS THAT YOU USED.
  3. Suspension
    Hello gentlemen and ladies… I'm a new/recent owner of a 2008 Trailblazer and new to the forum…glad I found you. I'm inclined to do most of my own repairs and maintenance, but need lots of sound advice given that I haven't turned a single wrench on her to date. So...I'm pretty certain I need...
  4. Suspension
    Hi. My 03 envoy has 170k and original struts. Do I keep the springs or buy the combo strut set with springs? It looks easier to change with the springs already on. I assume i can rent the compression tool at Autozone. My concern is the new springs could be sub standard. Now, are Sensen...
  5. Suspension
    Hi, just wondering where I could buy the 87-89 front springs, and tahoe z71 rear springs? Dealership? Thanks, Martin
  6. Suspension
    Hello all... I have MC 2.5" Leveling kit on my car right now. When I go traveling with luggage, or have 3 friends in the back. The back end drops down a lot. And I am tired of that haha. I have been trying to read around and get a better understanding of what the different brands offer, do...
  7. Off-Road
    So I got board at work and found coils that were about the same size as the stock tb springs but heavier. They are for the 04 to I believe 07 f150 4x. I ended up getting 2.5 inches out of them (mine really sagged) but I really had to compress them to get em in so tomorrow I may take them back...
  8. Suspension
    I have a 2002 Envoy and am in the process of changing the air ride to springs. I bought the springs and shocks and I'm about to get started but was told by a friend that I will need to get coupling/boots? for the springs to go into. I was wondering if thats true? All conversion kits I see...
  9. Suspension
    looking to replace the shocks since mine are gone. I was debating between a few combinations. Beltech Nitro Drop? Beltech Street Performance? Bilstein HD? any input would be appreciated since I haven't researched much and don't know what most ppl prefer. Thanks for the input!
  10. Off-Road
    Rear z71 springs, 3" susp lift...what size shocks?:undecided
  11. Off-Road
    So I am about to order Marks 2.5 inch lift kit... I have no clue what I am doing haha.... I have been searching around and cant really find any how toos on it? Does anyone know if there is one on the site? Also what tools do I need? I talked to mark and he said I will need a.... Air...
  12. Suspension
    I am going to replace my air suspension, with springs on my envoy. The envoy has been been sagging on the right rear side. Do I need to replace the shocks also, because of all the weight that has been on them since the air suspension is not working? Thanks
  13. Suspension
    I did the search for replacing the rear spring on my envoy. Found a thread but it veered off the subject byt he 8th post or so. I am planning on installing the GF 1085 kit on it with some Bilstein HDs. I had the truck up in the air on saturday but coulndt ge the huevos to start loosing up...
  14. Suspension
    Looking to get this kit for my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer LT 6cyl. 4.2L This is the link: Please help I want to order these next week and just wanted to make sure this is all i needed to get and that it would work for my car? I apreciate it. Taylor
  15. Exterior
    My first exterior mods on my TrailBlazer I got last January. Got the front windows tinted 15% and the tint strip across the windshield. Also got a chromed aluminum grill/protector inserts. Not a very good photo of it now that I look at it, hard to see that it's horizontal lines and not...
  16. South
    Weather looks like it may be fair this weekend, anyone down for a meet before the holidays? If so, respond ASAP so I can make plans! I will adjust if the weather changes up on us. Need a minimum of 5 attendants.Hope to hear from you! :coffee
  17. Off-Road
    Based on what I've found to be true thus far, the following appears to be mathematically sound. The table works by looking up your front spring part number or tag color on the top line first. Then look up or down the scale to see which spring could give you lift (listed on the left). KEEP IN...
1-17 of 17 Results