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    Hello all, i have a 3" Front and 2" rear lift. I added Tahoe springs and shocks last night. The Tahoe spring was about 1.25" taller than Envoy stock. The shocks were the same compressed and uncompressed lengths. I had to remove my rear 2" spacer as the height added by the new springs...
  2. Interior
    My Dad had his Hood Springs changed on his Denali a while ago and there was a spare one around so I thought if I could fit it on the TB since it does come with brackets I believe I think it is the Passenger side one, although there isnt a hole on the actual hood, should be able to fit Any...
  3. Suspension
    Hey everyone I have an envoy with Coil suspension. Im going to be loading it with approx 1500lbs of cargo (car audio). Im wanting to eliminate the sag and strain on the suspension. Ive only been able to find coil helper bags that support up to 1000lbs so i was thinking maybe swap over to air...
1-3 of 3 Results