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  1. Cyl 6 misfire/ coil pack problem

    OEM Issues
    I have searched and havent been able to find a solution. I have been dealing with a cyl 6 misfire that I have not been able to solve. A while back i changed spark plugs and the cyl 6 spark had a bit of rust but hadnt been misfiring at that point. This morning a felt ambitious and went under the...
  2. Oil on plug thread?

    OEM Issues
    Hey everyone! I've been stalking this forum for about a month now since buying a 2004 Trailblazer LS. There is a TON of awesome info on just about anything I need, and even a bunch of videos. I used several of these resources to change my spark plugs and clean the throttle body at about 91,500...
  3. [SOLVED] Rough idle after spark plug change

    OEM Issues
    Hi everybody! This is my first post, so I hope I threw this in the right place. So I know there are already plenty of threads regarding this sort of thing... I changed my spark plugs, I used AC Delco 41-103 plugs, I made sure they were all gapped around .042, I used dielectric grease, I made...
  4. Broken spark plug ... HELP!!!

    Hi all ~ I did the unthinkable ... while changing the plugs on the 4.2L engine on my 06 Envoy, the #2 plug broke in half with the threads remaining in the engine. I'm not a mechanic by trade so changing oil and plugs are the only thing that I would even attempt on my own. This is the first time...
  5. Change plugs & wires when doing headers?

    Exhaust Mods
    I'm at 60k miles right now and I plan to install Stainless Works Headers and true duals this fall. I watched this video on youtube because I'm seeing how difficult it's going to be to install the headers. In the video they mentioned installing...