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spark plugs

  1. Spark Plug Help

    OEM Issues
    Hello fellow Envoy owners, I have a 2006 Envoy Denali with the Vortec 5.3L and I took one of the spark plugs out to see how much carbon buildup I had in the combustion chamber before I used seaform spray. I know the spark plugs are rated for 100k miles but it has been 11 years but only 89780...
  2. [SOLVED] V8 Spark Plugs

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Just did these a week ago and although it took me about six hours of scraping and squeezing my fat hands into the engine compartment, My gas mileage has gone up! If you do this, don't drop anything! There are some VERY hard to reach nooks and crannies right below the work area on the passenger...
  3. Second replaced coil pack in one month

    OEM Issues
    About a month ago we got a check engine light and very rough idle. The code indicated misfire on cylinder 4. I replaced the spark plugs and cleaned the throttle body, but that didn't help at all. I then replaced coil pack # 4 and it worked fine. I cleared the code and it didn't come back. A few...
  4. [SOLVED] Spark Plug Removal Issues

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Hi all. Have a 2006 Trailblazer 4.2I6 and I'm trying to change out the spark plugs. I've gotten the coil caps off and am now trying to remove the spark plugs using a 5/8" spark plug socket with 5 "extender but cant get the spark plug to loosen at all. I don't want to over exert it and mess...
  5. 100,000 mile spark plug replacement

    OEM Issues
    So I bought 6 new spark plugs to put in my 2007 inline 6 trailblazer. I asked for OEM, or at least something that would not affect the engines longevity. They ordered the Bosch Iridiums for me, saying that they were GM recommended OEM replacements. Then I do the research afterwards, and find out...
  6. Broken Pieces of Spark Plug

    OEM Issues
    Hello everyone this is my first thread to the forum. I've searched everywhere but it seems my problem is a little different than anyone else with issues regarding broken spark plugs. First off I'm a proud owner of an '06 trailblazer ls ext. It already had over 100,000 miles and there is no...
  7. Spark Plug Change

    OEM Issues
    How on earth do you change spark plugs on the 5.3L passenger side?!?! I can barely fit my hand through the engine compartment, even when taking out the washer fluid container ... Any thoughts on how to reach those plugs?
  8. Guide to changing Trailblazer / Envoy 4.2L I6 Spark Plugs w/ Images & Google Doc URL

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Guide to changing Trailblazer / Envoy 4.2L I6 Spark Plugs w/ Images & Google Doc URL Hey Every Body I am new to the forum and wanted to share with everyone a guide w/ images I just got done putting together with step by step directions, tools needed, and typically over looked details that a...
  9. How to replace Spark Plugs (pics)

    OEM Issues
    As this forum gave me so much in learning about my vehicle, I thought I'd go ahead and give something back, and document my new found knowledge and show you the steps on how to change your 4.2L I-6 Spark Plugs. Note: Common sense would dictate that you go ahead and do a throttle body cleaning...
  10. Spark Plugs on 2003 TB Ext with Vortec 5.3L V8

    Air Induction
    Hi Everyone, My 2003 TrailBlazer EXT with Vortec 5.3l V8 Engine has just reached 80K miles and I'm considering changing the spark plugs but could not figure out where they're located and how hard it is to change them. I saw some posts helped to locate the spark plugs on TB 4.2l/V6 but the TB...
  11. Misfire after a number of fixes

    OEM Issues
    Whats up, I am having problems with the 05 Tb. I have changed my spark plugs, cleaned my throttle body and changed 2 coil packs and I am still getting a p0300 error. Also, if I get the rpm's over 2k the ses flashes. I have stopped driving it. It all started when it was pouring down rain and...
  12. oiled up spark plug problem

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    hi everybody, i have a trailblazer 03' ls, 4.2 engine, i tried opening my spark plugs, and i found oil inside of them, what do i do, how can i fix this problem, thanks in advance, apprectiate any help
  13. Replacing Spark Plugs

    OEM Issues
    Hi Everyone. I drive a 2005 TrailBlazer with about 76,000 miles. I want to replace the spark plugs and originally bought NGK Platinums ($3 plugs). However after doing some research (which I should have done prior to buying the plugs :duh:) I realized the ones in the manual are AC Delco double...
  14. PO300 code

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Hi everyone. First I want to thank all of you for this helpful site; I’ve been saving so much time and money with your help. Two months ago, I got a permanent Check Engine light on, PO300 “Random Misfire” with a poor idle; after reviewed some of your posts, I cleaned my throttle body, change my...