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spark plug

  1. JB Weld silicone sealant in spark plug wells?

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Long time reader, first time poster. I haven't found an answer to this question yet, so I wanted to ask here before I ruin something. My '03 Envoy XL with 4.2L engine has oil leaking into the spark plug wells. Rather than replacing the valve cover gaskets, could I use some JB weld silicone...
  2. Possible #2 Spark Plug Vacuum Leak?

    OEM Issues
    Long time reader, first time posting! I recently changed the spark plugs and wires on my 2008 Saab 9-7X as I rolled over to 103,XXX miles and was trying to stay up-to-date with service. In the process of changing the plugs, my #2 plug (passenger side front) threads got messed up due to trying...
  3. Oil on Spark Plug Electrode

    OEM Issues
    Good Afternoon Everyone !!!... So a few days ago I noticed there was white smoke coming from my exhaust, and throughout the day I started realizing that it only appeared on the initial startup and NOT when it was in normal operating temperature anymore. The truck runs smoothly with no rough...
  4. Seafoam issue will crank wont idle

    OEM Issues
    Hey guys I have an 06 ls 4.2l v6 that just passed 100k. I have my smog check coming up so I decided to give it a simple tune up. Car has been running fine so today I cleaned the TB entirely, swapped out all new spark plugs (disconnected battery throughout all this), cleaned and oiled K&N filter...
  5. Spark Plug Change

    OEM Issues
    How on earth do you change spark plugs on the 5.3L passenger side?!?! I can barely fit my hand through the engine compartment, even when taking out the washer fluid container ... Any thoughts on how to reach those plugs?
  6. cylinder 1 misfire?

    OEM Issues
    i have a '02 trailblazer lt with 4.2L with 118k. i replace plugs and filters about 1k ago and now the check engine light is on. it is "chugging at acceleration and a little at highway speeds". i ran the code at autozone, i dont have a code reader, and it can up as cylinder 1 misfire. i then...
  7. Help the Newbie?!?!

    Air Induction
    Hey guys, Just want to first say wow. This site is awesome. I just got my Tblazer a month ago (05 LS with 38k on the clock). Planning on keeping it mostly stock for resale reasons. I am on my 3rd full tank of gas right now and am a little perplexed. My first full tank was on cheapo...