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  1. Tires
    Hello all, I have a couple questions about wheel spacers on my 2007 Trailblazer LT. I had to replace tires yesterday and they said they had 245/70/17 at the shop. I looked it up while I waited and it said that this tire would barely fit on the Trailblazer but would be ok. So I went ahead with...
  2. Rims
    So last year I bought a set of 6x5 1.50" spacers off Amazon. They work but obviously you get what you pay for because now I have a slight vibration on the highway. I've had all tires balanced so I know it's the spacers. So before I plan to buy a more expensive set of spacers, I thought I'd...
  3. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hello guys, It's been a while since i posted on trailvoy. The reason I made this thread is because I'm interested in switching from my chrome rims to off-road tires and also wanting a lift to go with that. I am brand new to this area, so I apologize for the questions. I did take a look at this...
  4. The "How-To" and DIY Section
    I'd have to get wheel spacers just because how tight it is but it doesn't seem like it'd be that close otherwise. I had these BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2 Off-Road Tire - 255/85R16 in mind. trying to do a cheap build.
  5. Rims
    I know it can work. I just don't know how to do the math to see if what I want will fit. To stick a set of 265/75/16 tires on a set of 16x8 wheels (also using a 1.5" spacer), how much backspacing and offset do I need? Or how do I figure it out?
  6. Tires
    hi! i just got this oem rims and tires for a good deal almost free!... BFGoodrich Rugged Trail - 245/75R17....but i was wondering if they would fit in my 2004 tb ls which currently uses 245/70 R16 does anybody have any idea or is anybody using them right now that can tell me if i have to do any...
  7. Tires
    I want to put some 255/75/17 on my TB. I know i need spacers. I have looked all over trailvoy for a link to Freds (please help me find a link or price or something) but would like some options besides ebay. any suggestions?
1-7 of 7 Results