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  1. Audio and Electronics
    So i just brought a 08' Envoy i'm a huge bass head and i'm planning on makin a custom made sub box for two L7 15" 5000 watt mono block amp, Four kenwood 6x9's 500 watts each, I also have four 6.5" kenwood about 240 watts for door panels hitting 1400 watts on a four channel amp. Now dis is...
  2. Exhaust Mods
    i have an 02 LTZ..I just hit the 90,000 mile mark. a few thousand miles ago i started to notice a rattling sound coming from the rear underside, it only rattles when the vehicle is idling and in gear, such as when im sitting at a stop sign, traffic light, or sitting and talking to someone. any...
1-2 of 2 Results