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  1. VVT solenoid rotating

    I've been getting P0014 on my TB05 so I started to google around and decided to check out the VVT solenoid as first step. Just when I unplugged the connector I noticed the whole metal (visible) part of the solenoid is rotating almost freely. Seems strange, this part is not rotating at all on a...
  2. VVT solenoid stuck in engine block

    Hi, I have a 2004 Trailblazer EXT LT (4.2). I need to replace my VVT solenoid. My problem seems unique though as I haven't seen anyone else mention this or complain about this on here or on YouTube. My particular issue is that the solenoid will not budge out of the engine block at all. I...
  3. 2008 Envoy - Gear Shift Stuck

    I have a 2008 envoy, I turned off the car and the key was caught in the ignition, went to turn it back on and the car was completely dead, no power to anything, so I: 1. checked the battery and it was dead and so I replaced it, the car was energized as normal, I could start the car but the...
  4. P0410, like everyone else

    OEM Issues
    Hello, This is my second post to this site(my first being in the Intro forum). I'll start off by saying this site is pretty bad ass and has been a very valuable resource! Ok, now that the butt kissing is done... P0410 code on a 2005 Envoy SL. I'm sure that's enough said normally, but not...
  5. Starter? Solenoid? Ignition Switch?

    OEM Issues
    Hey guys...been having a problem with starting my car lately, or should i say again... Last year, i had my car starter removed, car went to the dealer, with no answer to what was happening, since it started everytime for them... well a few days later, it happened Last year, i...
  6. Electric front seats not working

    The front driver’s seat of our 06 Envoy has stopped working. The memory option doesn't move it, the buttons on the side do not move it and the heated seat option doesn't work on either front seat. If you push the buttons to move the seat or push the memory/exit buttons, the seat sits still but...
  7. Two problems - many questions. P0756 OBD code, manifold leak

    My first post - please feel free to provide constructive criticism. I haven't worked on many vehicles since I was a certified mechanic 25 years ago. I'm grateful for this forum, and I have already learned much by reviewing similar posts. I'm going to start with the manifold problem. At first...