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  1. shifter moves freely without brake or button pushed

    OEM Issues
    I just bought a 04 TB LS yesterday and like in the title the says,the shifter can move from P to 1 with out having to press brakes or push the button. when i press the brakes i feel/hear the click from the shift interlock solenoid. how do I fix this?
  2. shifter moves freely without brake or button pushed

    Transmission Mods
    realized i posted in wong part of forum pls delete
  3. Shifter not fully engaging in Park.

    OEM Issues
    Hello everyone. First time post here, so I hope I put it in the right spot. Over the weekend, realized my shifter had been a little "loosey goosey". Before I had time to fully inspect, I put the truck in park and afterwards couldn't get the shifter to move. After some struggles, I found the...
  4. [SOLVED] Key Stuck- shifter won't stay in Park

    OEM Issues
    Just thought I'd share this. Hope it helps some folks before they run out and buy an ignition switch or shifter assy. Symptoms: Key stuck in ignition, won't turn past ACC position. Shifter moves freely without pressing the brake pedal. I took the shifter boot off and saw that the locking...
  5. 2004 TB:shifter won't lock/unable to remove key

    Hello, Please help. I have a 2004 TB and shifter button won't click to lock into place. Able to shift without having to push it and step on brake. Also, key is unable to be removed from ignition as the key won't turn back due to this. I have to disconnect battery everytime I park or the power...
  6. Shifter problems

    Yesterday I slammed my shifter into park and messed something up. The key would not turn all the way off, so I disconnected the battery. Today I was messing with it again. The shifter will move freely without pushing the break or the button on the handle. I took the console and everything apart...
  7. Transmission won't shift - Shifter not locked in park

    OEM Issues
    My 2004 Envoy SE will not shift from park. The shift lock releases with the brake pedal and the shifter moves easily through all gears, but the transmission doesn't shift at all. There may be a clicking sound every now & then while moving the shifter, but otherwise nothing. No problems with...
  8. anyone know where i can buy a TBSS gear shifter knob?

    hey im new so bear with me....i saw the instructions on how to install a gear shifter ( and i was just wondering if anyone knew where i could buy a shifter like the ones the come in the SS models. thanks