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  1. 02 TB with P0171 and P0130 with unusual sensor readings

    OEM Issues
    I tried Google and these forums but have been unable to find anyone with similar symptoms. Here's what I have: 2002 Trailblazer LTZ 4wd, 230,xxx miles SES light recently came on and produced codes P0171 and P0130. Poor fuel economy. NO driving issues at idle or while moving. While idling, I...
  2. P1221, P0128 Reduced Engine Speed

    I've been getting a service engine light along with a reduced engine power that will not alow the truck to accelerate. After a restart the service engine light will stay on but reduced engine power is not triggered and will allow me to continue to drive until triggered again. I went to autozone...
  3. [SOLVED] 1 code after another...need a ECM?

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Hello...I am a new member but I have searched quite a bit on my cam & crank sensors for lots of widsom from everyone here. 2003 TB LT Ext 4x4 4.2L about 129k miles. I have been getting new codes for more sensors to be replaced over the past 2 started with a temp. sensor, then the...
  4. any ideas? p0606

    OEM Issues
    So I've had a lot of problems fixed by my buddy on my 04 TB. He did a huge amount of work, fan clutch, ignition swith, water pump, tranny lines, tranny flush, coolant flush, wheel bearings, tires etc because I was moving from NY to TX. Anyway, no problems til yesterday. Went to work, was...
  5. SES Light Cooling Fan Wire Harness Help

    OEM Issues
    So I have been doing my research on here and was wondering a couple things. First thing: What part exactly is the wirig harness? Is it on the cooling fan assembly itself or is it the wires that connect to the fan clutch in the engine bay? this is what throws me out the most. Second thing: Is...
  6. MY WATER Broke!! Replaced water pump now have SES and Reduced Power

    OEM Issues
    OK what started off to be a somewhat of a normal problem now has transformed into yet another problem. Murphy's Law comes knocking yet again at my house!!:hopeless A while back I noticed a somewhat fast coolant leak:worried:. All systems still running "belt was moving with fan". Then on the way...
  7. Frustrated!! Engine Stalls and SES light blink

    Hi, I have a 2004 Envoy 6 cyl. Every so often when I'm idling and a stop with the AC on the engine stalls. It starts right back up and everything is fine for a while. The engine also seems to be "bogged down" on these hot, humid days as well. I had it to a dealership 2 weeks ago and they...
  8. SES and REP lights during heavy rain

    Just got my very own 2002 Trailblazer a few weeks ago. I took it out camping for the first time last weekend, driving on plenty of dirt roads and using the recently repaired 4x4. On the way home from the trip, I was driving down a canyon and ran into a mean thunderstorm with really heavy rain...
  9. [SOLVED] Auto Zone can't read SES code

    Hi Everyone, I have been digging thru the forum, and i cant find anything about my problem. Maybe it is because I don't know what to search under. I have an '04 Trailblazer with a SES light on. I took it to Auto Zone to have the code read, and they guy told me he couldnt read it. The machine...