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  1. 4x4 Drivetrain
    Hi folks, I have a strange problem with my 04 trailbazer, 4.2 I6 4x4. I use to car for long distance highway trips about once a month (600 miles round trip). After about 150 miles, the service 4wd light comes on. Some back story on the car, The 4wd has not worked for several years. I put the car...
  2. 4x4 Drivetrain
    So my 4WD seems to be stuck in A4WD. I have searched through the forum and found a lot of good information but I think I still need some help diagnosing the problem. The service 4WD light is on. And the selector light is stuck in the A4WD position. I took it to a local transmission shop for a...
  3. 4x4 Drivetrain
    So, here's the rundown of what's been going on , what i've done and where i'm at. The Service 4WD light has been on steady while in 2WD in all kinds of weather, rain, snow or shine, for about a year now, but occasionally goes away and 4WD does work, but then light comes back on and away goes...
1-3 of 3 Results