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sending unit

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  1. General
    I have been reading threads for hours and I think I am more confused than ever! LOL I know there has been alot of posts about the oil pressure dropping to 0 when a car idles and I have read all the responses about the oil sending unit. I also read that cars with a light have an oil pressure...
  2. General
    When my fuel gauge first started acting up, it would read fine when it was full down to about a half tank. After that half tank, every time I cranked it, it would go up to the proper level and then slowly fall to empty and stay there. Then it just stayed on empty for the last year. Today I...
  3. Audio and Electronics
    I just got my fuel sending unit replaced and it is showing the right level of gas now but my DIC fuel range is still way off. I have half of a tank and it is telling me that I only have like 110 miles left. Is this right? Is there a way to reset the computer so it can give me the correct...
  4. General
    I have 80000 miles on my TB. Going to replace sending unit for faulty gage issues. Who knows the general life of the fuel pump? Since ill have the tank down just wondering if it is worth the $$$ to replace the pump too. Also would anyone recommend autozone parts or the OEM/Delco replacement...
1-4 of 4 Results