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  1. 2008 Envoy - Gear Shift Stuck

    I have a 2008 envoy, I turned off the car and the key was caught in the ignition, went to turn it back on and the car was completely dead, no power to anything, so I: 1. checked the battery and it was dead and so I replaced it, the car was energized as normal, I could start the car but the...
  2. Randomly no crank no start!!

    I did just install my old CD player after selling my flip out DVD. After I installed the CD player the car ran fine but I noticed the CD player had no power. I went to pull it out fix wiring then turn the key on to make sure it had power and the security light came on for a few seconds not...
  3. hi have a few questions about 2002 trailblazer

    I just bought a 2002 trailblazzer. It didn't come with the alarm system and it didn't have a keyless entery remote. I have bought a remote from ebay but the program didn't work right. When you do to set the code the door locks do their thing sounds like it will work but after doing all the steps...
  4. PCM Security Relearn

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Just got a used pcm off from eBay. The vendor "flashed" my vin number into the pcm, supposively as calibrated software claiming "ready to install." I bought this to use as my "spare stock unit." I'm preparing to send my current pcm on the truck to PCMForLess tuning. So I thought it was time to...