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  1. Seat Build complete

    My seats / harnesses/ harness bar
  2. General
    I just finished outfitting my 05' TB with a leather / power interior from a Rainier from an unknown year. While it is absolutely mind blowing for me to see that GM felt it necessary to put computers in their seats, I thought I'd share my experience along with ask for any input that may have made...
  3. General
    When cleaning out my TB, I noticed a whip coming out of the bottom of my (full power adjustment) driver's seat with a connector at the end of it, but no unconnected wires coming from the floor. Is it possible that this is for heated seat? Could the element be there, but not the wiring from the...
  4. Custom Leather Seats

    Couldn't stand the factory fabric seats, so upgraded to 2 tone leather with black stitches.
  5. Interior
    Ok, So I bought this DupliColor fabric and vinyl spray paint from Summit Racing ($7.95 a can). I decided my seats were boring and I wanted to two tone them. My cousin has a TB that has the two tone leather and a Charcoal Wood Grain dash. I am going for the same look because I thought it looked...
  6. Show and Shine
    Hello everybody, Does anybody know if the seats of the trailblazer ss are all leather, are the inserts suede? I need to know how to clean them because my sons diaper leaked on them :sadcry: and I don't want to ruin them. If anybody could help me I'd GREATLY appreciate it. I live in Florida and...
1-6 of 7 Results