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  1. The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    looking for help. i have a 2006 TB LS it has a power driver seat ( lumbar + forward back of the butt part and can adjust its angle. but manual backrest adjust) passenger if full manual adjust. i picked up a full seat of leather seats that came from an unknown year bravada. they are identical...
  2. General
    So we are experiencing a 'clicking' sound that is not really loud from the driver's side door post (the post where the door latches) when the car is shut off. You can put your ear to the plastic post material and here it clicking. It is not hot, but it does seem to be draining the battery (will...
  3. Interior
    I have watched the videos on YouTube. However I cannot find the u shaped Part that goes on the gear drive which is rubber or nylon. The dorman parts says not compatible with Rainier 2006. Does anyone know where to order it from and a part number? :thx:dielaugh:
  4. Interior
    Starting today, the drivers side, middle row seat on my 03 Envoy XL will no longer lock upright. It folds flat and tilts forward as it should. In the 'usual' position the bottom will lock in place,but the seat back wants to spring forward. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I would...
  5. Interior
    Hey guys I have been putting this off too long, Winter is almost over and I want to use my heated seats. So I have a few pics to of what I need to do. The first part is I was able to upgrade my non-power seats (cloth) to leather seats. I was able to connect new wires for the Power (org) cable...
  6. OEM Issues
    I have an auto seat, and the motors shaft disconnected from the black plastic mount. I thought I fixed it three times, but it keeps coming disconnected. Anyone who why this happens? Could really use some input please.
  7. Interior
    i have 04 trailblazer looking to get black leather seats for it dose anyone have an idea of where or how much?
  8. Interior
    Hello and thanks for being here. I joined last month and this is my first post. Bought my 06 Envoy XL last year and it needs a new (used or salavge) panel for the front seat power controls. I also need a center console cover. I think the person who had my truck before me was a little heavier...
  9. Interior
    The front driver’s seat of our 06 Envoy has stopped working. The memory option doesn't move it, the buttons on the side do not move it and the heated seat option doesn't work on either front seat. If you push the buttons to move the seat or push the memory/exit buttons, the seat sits still but...
  10. Interior
    I recently purchased and '06 Envoy XSLT. It has the key fob memory settings for the driver's seat. I read the manual and it looked easy enough to record my seat memory. I get the seat where I want it, put my key in the ignition, and then hold down the #1 memory button until it beeps a few times...
  11. Interior
    The only things I do not like about my TB are some of the electrical problems I've had - minor, but still real pains in the butt!! Recently (thank goodness it was the end of the winter) both of my front seat heaters konked out simultaneously. I know it can't be the heater pack or anything like...
  12. Interior
    The Power Seat switch works fine to raise or lower the seat but often will not move the seat back and forth - front to rear or rear to front. It's intermittent so I don't want to chance it taking it to the dealer and having it work fine. Any suggestions?:bonk:
  13. Interior
    For those of you that have gone completely "inlay" crazy, covering the center of EVERY "SS" on the truck, did you miss one? I picked up a "fabric marker" at the local craft store for $2.99 and filled in the white thread of the "SS" embroidered in the front seats. I tested this on a T-shirt...
1-13 of 13 Results