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  1. 02-09 General Tech Q&A
    Trying to identify the "underlined" frame crossmember(?) Rusted through on passenger side, need to replace it.
  2. OEM Issues
    I have searched and havent been able to find a solution. I have been dealing with a cyl 6 misfire that I have not been able to solve. A while back i changed spark plugs and the cyl 6 spark had a bit of rust but hadnt been misfiring at that point. This morning a felt ambitious and went under the...
  3. Exterior
    I've posted in the past, what would be causing my rear tailgate to be rusting on the lower left hand corner. Its rusting from inside the panel in order to fix the rust problem, i was told i need to replace the entire tail gate. What are you guys' thoughts on this? Second, I...
  4. Exterior
    it is on the front edge of the rear passenger side door near the bottom. i discovered it the other day while washing off all of the salt and junk from the northeast ohio roads. i dont want to have to repaint it but i have a feeling im going to have to....i just want something so it isnt so noticable
  5. Exterior
    i recently took my roof rack off and i found little spots of rust were it used to be. they arent huge but i dont want them to spread. what should i do? is there a product i can purchase ? let me know if you have had the same problem . thanks any tips are appreciated
1-5 of 5 Results