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  1. Low RPM after accelerating from stop

    Air Induction
    Hello everyone! This should be my first post (other than my introduction). I've been experiencing an RPM issue after accelerating from a stop (sometimes almost stalls). It also has low RPM when I roll up my windows at a complete stop. I have already cleaned both sides of the throttle body and...
  2. ChevySmoke

    Please Help! 03 Trailblazer with 112,000 miles shutting off when coming to a stop and check engine light is on. Over the past few years I noticed my car would shut off when coming to a stop but it was only happened maybe 3 times a year. Just last week it started doing it about once a day and my...
  3. Rpm is weird maybe the engine?

    OEM Issues
    Hello all im kind of new to the forum so sorry if i do something wrong. But i have done countless research on this and cant seem to find an answer :worried: I have a 2004 chevy trailblazer lt 6 cyl So when i start the truck it seems to rev up to around 1300 rpm and as i let it warmup it idles...
  4. [SOLVED] rpm gauge

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    I usually dont post but at this point im desperate. I have an 04 envoy and my rpm gauge stays at 4000 when i turn it off. My voltage gauge did tbat first like 2 months ago and till day still messed up. Now it looked like the problem spread to mg rpm gauge. Anyone had this problem b4 us this...
  5. Gauge false reading?

    I have a 2003 Envoy with the 6 cyl engine. Engine as far as I can tell is running perfectly. I noticed the RPM gauge indicating I'm racing down the road at a break neck speed...the idle RPM is 3000 and drive 40-45mph showing 4500-5000 RPM and up to 9000 accelerating. The engine is not running...
  6. P0410 and Misfire ?!?

    OEM Issues
    First - Thanks to everyone on the site - HUGE valuable source of information on my '04 TB Second - About 10 months ago started getting sporadic P0410 codes usually only when it was raining (I've read TONS about this problem) Eventually the code stayed on all the time. :worried: Discovered...
  7. RPM dropping while driving at low speeds

    Hello, I am new to this site but I have an 04 TrailBlazer and when driving at low speeds my RPM drop and my car is at times stalling out. Has anyone had this issue? Does anyone know what may be causing it? This occurs more with the AC on. Thanks
  8. only passenger side a/c works and RPMs are jumping around

    I just had my fan clutch replaced this morning because it went bad. As I left the shop I kicked on the A/C and rolled up the windows. I immediately saw the RPm gauge jump to almost 0 RPM's, then it went back up to normal. I sat there for a bit and it continued to do this till I shut off the A/c...
  9. rpm idle 04 trailblazer

    Hi peeps, what should the rpm's be reading at idle
  10. Engine revs when vent or a/c is turned on

    OEM Issues
    Hi, my envoy 2004 RPM needle will move up and down when i turn on the blower/vent or the a/c, and the engine will rev like its about to stall. what can be the cause of this? i tried to google it i found something about "IAC" idle air control valve, this might need cleaning or replacement. any...
  11. tachometer needle not showing correct rpms

    OEM Issues
    my fiance has an 03 gmc envoy slt, and the tach needle as of yesterday is not in the correct position at startup and dosent move properly when the engine revs higher. its actually sitting almost stright down, and seems to move when the engine is revved but not nearly as much as it should. is...
  12. tachometer needle not showing correct rpms

    OEM Issues
    wrong section...