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  1. Rim Lug Conversion

    Ok so my friend wants to sell me his rims for my envoy. The only problem is it a 5 lug rim and my standard ones are 6 lug. I know that conversion kits are a possibility but could be too much money. Is there any other way?
  2. Two free Rims. But now I have too be the other two.

    I need some input on what to do. I was given two 20 inch chrome Bzo Sigma wheels. My best friend had a set on his car. He had a blow out on the driver side and messed up those two wheels. The passenger side wheels are good as new. Here is the bad part I have searched far and wide too find 2...
  3. does 6x5.5 bolt fit?

    Hello, I have a 2003 trailblazer and want to upgrade to 22 inch rims. I have came across a good offer for a set of them that came off an escalade with a 6x5.5 bolt patern. Will they fit my truck? if not is their anything i can do to make it fit?