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  1. Finally going to finish modding...

    The last step was the most expensive, the wheels. I am somewhat torn between 2. They aren't necessarily my FAVORITE but the price for them is unbeatable. Either rim will be gloss black finish, so the pics are accurate. 20x8.5 is the size with a 255/50 tire. American Racing 320 - HELO...
  2. Envoy on 26's

    Pictures and Videos
    It actually doesn't look that bad...
  3. White or gray SS rims?????? need opinions asap!!

    :undecidedI got an 02 indigo blue TB.. idk if i should go with the blue and gray theme with will lead to painting inner headlights blue and crossbar blue. OR! should i be a little diffrent and go with the BLue with white rims with the inner white headlight mod, clear blinkers, maybe 2 white...
  4. IMG00734-20110107-1205


  5. IMG00713-20101223-1326


    Black painted center caps
  6. SS rims and tires

    Lookin for some SS rims and tires... Anybody lookin to sell some for a good price?
  7. IMG00347-20100729-2020d


  8. rims

    hi i was wondering what other rims will fit on the tb? meaning, other makes and models other than the obvious
  9. HELP!! Will these wheels mess up my ride???

    Hi i am going to buy a new set of wheels for my denali. My stock size is 245/60 18. The new wheels and tires are 305/40 22. Will In have any issues? shift problems, speedo, ect.. thanks in advance...
  10. Got updated pics of my TB!!

    TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hey everyone, I got some updated pics of my Trailblazer. I just put some 20" Mondera Evolution Rims with Falken tires on it. Previous mods are the brush guard and the chrome grill that I painted black. Check them out and let me know what you think!!
  11. Sorry, another tire question

    Will these fit on my 02 TB? Thanks guys!
  12. 04 Buick Rainier 24s????

    New to the site here and wanted to get strait to the point. I saw on another thread that people were putting 275/35-24s on their Envoys and Trailblazers with no rubbing. I would like to know if this is possible for my Rainier or do I need to go 275/30s, and even with the turning radius as far...
  13. [SOLVED] Rims?

    Hey guys, I was looking for rims on TB's seeing if I could find something I liked, I found this picture, but it didn't say what kind of rims they were. Do they belong to a member, or does anyone know what kind of rims they are?
  14. Xtra Large

    Xtra Large

    Stock no more!
  15. LS turned SS (Has anyone else done this?)

    Turned my LS into a SS trailblazer from an exterior standpoint, love the look minus the performance, lol. Let me know if you can see it on my profile, I'm new to this thread and still trying to figure out how to work it, sorry.
  16. wheels close up

    wheels close up

    20" zinik c9 sabini wrapped in cooper h/t plus
  17. want to do ss front bumper conversion what parts are needed?

    hi everyone im new to the group. i have a 05 trailblazer and would like to do the front bumper conversion to an ss bumper. ive seen some people have done this on here and was wondering if anyone could help me out with a parts list oif what is needed to do the conversion? and wheres a good place...
  18. new wheels

    new wheels

    20 inch zinik wheels wrapped in cooper tires
  19. Rims on the Brain

    Wow, I really didn't think shopping for rims would be this hard and make me so indecisive. :bonk: I was originally looking at the 22" Zinik Z13 Luina rims for my EXT. I first saw them here on this guys trailblazer: I thought they looked sweet and I was set...
  20. Warranty on SS rim finish

    I need some help here. I just took my truck to the local dealer here in SoCal to fix some little things before the warranty runs out. I also had them look at the rim finish. It has lots of white marks under the clear coat. I know from reading other threads that this is a common occurance. I also...