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  1. Exterior
    Hi I’m currently running stock 16 inch rims that came with my 04 trailblazer, I was looking to switch over to 17 inch steel rim. Would I have any problems with bolt patterns, rubbing from the tire, or anything in that would cause any issues or it not being able to work? Has anybody tried this?
  2. Rims
    I've seen some, but I want to see some new ones. I like the black ones and would like to see what they look like without a drop.
  3. Introductions
    Hello, my name is willdogg811 and I'm a Denali owner. (group: Hi willdogg) 06' envoy 5.3 black on black wifes daily. Usually I only get to drive it if I made a repair and test. Anyhow, I just registered so I could offer up a good deal for someone living in the south. And I'm sure some pointers...
  4. Rims
    So last year I bought a set of 6x5 1.50" spacers off Amazon. They work but obviously you get what you pay for because now I have a slight vibration on the highway. I've had all tires balanced so I know it's the spacers. So before I plan to buy a more expensive set of spacers, I thought I'd...
  5. Rims
    :yes: I recently bought a 2004 Trailblazer LS (straight 6) for a winter vehicle. It’s nothing fancy: dents, dings, etc. 113 k miles, no major issues. I have a set of rims/tires that I am in love with that are not fitting! I'll be the first to admit I didn't do enough research prior to trying...
  6. Rims
    Hello everyone, I just bought the factory 20" SS rims. My question is what tire size should I use because I want to fill the wheel-well and be able to turn with no rub? The size I'm thinking is 265/50/20
  7. Western Canada
    Hello, I am wanting to sell my stock rims and tires. The rims are OEM (bought new hub caps), the wheel are Hercules Terra Trac a/w 245/70r16. I live in Alberta, if anyones interested just message me. Thanks, Martin
  8. Introductions
    Hey folks, I got an 05 Envoy I would love to lift towards bigger and better things. Just looking for some advice, tips, pointers. Not sure how to use this forum that well as its new to me. But I'm looking for a 3/2 lift or a 2.5/1.5 just want to see if people can tell me their experiences. I...
  9. Introductions
    ]ey Everyone! New to the Forum! Sorry If I'm jumping into it here... sorry I wrote a short story! Just bought a 2006 ENVOY SLT XL with 41,000 miles on it for a fantastic price. Its Clean! All Black exterior and interior. Standard 6 disc player, I think its Bose? From Massachusetts so...
  10. Tires
    I have a 07 trailblazer with a 2.5inch lift in the front and 1.5 in the back what is the biggest tire i can fit on 17inch stock rims without wheel spacers?
  11. Tires
    Im looking to purchase some 22s and I dont know the best tire size for my 03 Envoy! I see alot of 265/40/22 285/40/22 and 305/40/22! Any info would greatly help! FIRST POST!!!! :)
  12. Rims
    I have an 04 trailblazer and was wondering of the kmc slide 9.5/24's +25 will fit flush with a 1.25 lug adapter on a trailblazer? Thanks
  13. Envoy front posing

    Envoy front posing

    22's finish the look
  14. Interior
    heres a few things ive done, ive compleatly tinted every window(including the front windsheild) two fosgate amps, 2 15 in subs, owered three inches installed focal interiors, kick panels which give me extra 2 component sets, a few leds here and their.tell me what you think im always upgrading...
  15. Exterior
    here are some up grades ive done. lowered three inches removed roof rack added some speakers 2 15 in the back, 22 inch rockstars 10 perecnt tint and 20 on the front windsheild
  16. 22's


    New 22" Forte
  17. Rims
    Hi, Ive recently bought a trailblazer lt '08. Existing rims are stock 17" with 17/245/65 tyres. Im thinking of replacing them with 19" rims and 19/265/45 tyres for the front and 19/275/45 for the back. As i am new to this, just wanted to check what issues i would have with fitting them to my...
  18. Transmission Mods
    have an 06 ss awd, 160,000 miles... no mods the transmission is starting to go, won't shift out of first til about 4500-5000 rpm even when going slow, and never shifting past 2nd gear i figure that im lucky the trans didn't go much sooner.... have had it for about 4-5 years, and every...
  19. Exterior
    I just wanted an opinion from you guys on whether or not to paint my rims. I cant decide if the chrome is a nice accent to the vehicle or to black them out.
  20. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hey guys, Just here to show you some pics of my tb. Mods/Accessories: -Sirius Satellite Radio, purchased in 2007 with a lifetime subscription. -20'' Dale Earnhardt American Racing Wheels. -Custom Exhaust, 3' pipe 4' tip. -8000K HIDs. -Quad Headlights. -Blue LED Reverse and Front Interior...