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  1. *thunking* sound in reverse, 4wd hi

    4x4 Drivetrain
    I recently bought a used 2005 trailblazer and when in 4 wheel drive and reversing with the wheels turned more than half way, there is a loud thunking sounds (I don't know how else to say it).
  2. No reverse or 1st & 2nd

    First let me ask the question, Is there any other reason for no reverse other than a broken sunshell gear? History: 04 envoy 170k miles rebuilt motor unknown miles since rebuild. Tranny went out this fall (drive band) bought a used lower mileage trans at a reasonable price. put it in and in true...
  3. No Reverse, then reverse, then no issues

    Hi All, I have a 2002 Envoy with 226,000 miles, I am the second owner. Got in my truck Saturday and put the vehicle in reverse, did not go. After a few minutes of trying, revved up the engine and it slammed into reverse. Drove about a mile with it making noise (sounded like marbles) then back...
  4. Reverse Light Socket - where to buy?

    2005 Envoy SLT. My driver's side reverse light went out. I went to put a new bulb in and when I removed the old bulb I noticed a ton of rust/corrosion in the socket. Its beyond repair. The socket is toast. I looked a bit online this morning but was unable to find an aftermarket replacement...
  5. out of

    I'll be as to the point as possible: Sound coming from passenger side. When hitting bumps. Loud clanking at General speeds (15-50). Under certain circumstances the clanking can turn into a grinding. Also noted a card in the bike spokes noise upon reversal only from time to time. I've replaced...
  6. Please Help. Reverse Lights not going on. Fuses are OK.

    Trailvoy fans. Please help. I posted earlier and have more information now. I have a problem with my reverse lights not coming on. I checked both fuses with an Ohm Meter (one up front #27 and one under left passenger seat #32) and both are fine. While in reverse (and also neutral) with the...
  7. 2005 Envoy XL Reverse Light Issue

    I have a problem with my reverse lights not coming on. I have been reading the forums about people who have had the same problems and many seem to have solved it with changing a fuse. I checked both fuses (one up front #27 and one under left passenger seat #32) and both are fine. While in...
  8. TB LED Reverse lights

    TB LED Reverse lights

  9. HELP!!! Reverse Light Wiring?

    Hey everyone, I have a semi-major issue. This evening, I hooked up two reverse facing fog lights, powered by the 12v power source in the rear of my TB from the cigarette lighter receptacle. This worked great because I had it powered through a fuse, which connected to an on/off switch provided...
  10. 4WD very difficult to go in reverse, jumpy & loud

    4x4 Drivetrain
    I just took my car to get it's oil changed. I live in Seattle, lots of hills and it's snowy today, so I put it in 4WD for the first time in months, even close to a year maybe. I found myself attempting to back up in the parking lot (before the oil change), and the car was very hesitant to go...
  11. Reverse light unlit

    Reverse light unlit

  12. DSCF5460_edit


  13. Reverse Lights

    I noticed that I was collecting water inside my reverse lights (both sides), has anybody else have the same issue. I did remove them, drained the water and let’s see what happens. I am not sure if it is the "rubber gasket" or a serious case of condensation.
  14. Grinding sound when backing up

    Ok, I noticed this yesterday after washing my brakes out from the last offroading trip, plenty of mud in them. But anyways its coming from the front end, but only when I back up my driveway. My driveway is on a slight hill, nothing major. I can feel the vibrations through the steering wheel...