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  1. OEM Issues
    So while repairing a coolant issue I found that my vacuum line from my resonator to my fuel pressure regulator was broken. It broke right where the line enters into the rubber elbow. I have read that having this little line broken will cause your vehicle to idle rough or not properly. I have...
  2. Show and Shine
    I have a traiblazer with a 4.2 inline, and I want to make it sound better. It is almost silent right now with the stock exhaust. :sleepy: I wanna hear the thing! The problem is, six cylinder engines can sound like tuners depending on what is done to them. I am looking for a more rumble...
  3. Exhaust Mods
    I haven't been able to find a straight answer on this... From what I gather, many people have a problem with cabin drone when using a Magnaflow muffler with resonator delete. What I want is a slightly-louder-than-stock and much more aggressive sound. I believe the Magnaflow will give me the...
  4. General
    I have a 2003 Trailblazer LT 4.2L I6 with 153,000 miles I am experiencing several symptoms that may or may not be related. Here they are: • Frequent strong fuel smell outside the car • Not all the time, but often, the car will not start. It will turn over, but not start up. If I tap the...
  5. Chrome Tip

    Chrome tip with the flowmaster super 40 behind it. no resonator as well
  6. Air Induction
    So i printed out both throttle body cleaning instructions (from khill and ieatglue ............. forgive me if i messed up either names). I brought my 2 nephews outside with me because they were going to do all the work while i instructed them. Nayways, i only completed Step 1 (disconnect the...
  7. Exhaust Mods
    we use our TB as our family car but the stock resonator fell off i need to put something there any ideas?? wanna keep pric e down but add a lil performance will anyone help me??
  8. Exterior
    We just got the Resonator mod.. it sounds a lot cooler..
  9. Exhaust Mods
    i am planning on deleting the stock resonator and i have chosen to go with a Dynomax to take its place. i have been looking around and im am not sure as to which is the best choice to go with but first off i jus want to make sure that the resonator is that ugly thing hanging down in the back of...
1-10 of 10 Results