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remote start

  1. New to site, need help with remote start

    Hey guys, first time posting. I recently bought a 2002 Chevy trailblazer LT. My son managed to break my original GM remote (doesn't operate aftermarket remote start) I just ordered a new one online, but the truck came with two avital remotes for the remote start system. When I go program my new...
  2. No Heat when starting TB with remote start only when key turn

    Audio and Electronics
    I installed an Autopage CS-RS-730 remote starter in my 04 TB about 2 years ago. Upon exiting the car I would select the thermostat on setting 4 and position the other thermostat control to the windshield so that when I started the car in the morning it would defrost my window. All worked well...
  3. [SOLVED] Bulldog RS82B Remote Start Install 06 Trailblazer LS

    Audio and Electronics
    Just wanted to share the "exact" wires I used to successfully install my Bulldog Remote Start Model RS82B. Basic Wiring Diagram can be found here: Wires I used: -12 Volt Constant -Starter -Ignition 1 -Ignition 2 -Accessory/Heater...

    Hi All, I recieved a Python 424 2-WAY remote starter (VIPER 4204) and I am trying to find an installer to install it. I have tried many different Best Buys and one gives me a quote around $180 another $379. STRICKLY for the install lol. The major difference is they bypass for security and the...
  5. [SOLVED] Resetting aftermarket remote lock/start

    The "How-To" and DIY Section
    Recently purchased my first TB a few weeks ago. Everything worked great when i bought it. Was doing some work on the boat and left the radio going while i worked and ended up completely draining the battery because i lost track of time. So i recharged the battery and got it running but the...
  6. 2003 Trailblazer Starting Issues

    OEM Issues
    So here is the deal, I have a 2003 Trailblazer, 4.2 L I6, and earlier this week I went out to start it and nothing. Just put a brand new battery in and the lights come on and do not dim when I turn the key so I know it is not a bad battery. I troubleshoot and decide it could be the ignition...
  7. Code Alarm 6551 remote start

    Hello, I have bought the CA6551 security/remote start to install in my '05 Envoy, I have also bought the FlashLogic FLCAN Car Bypas, unfortunately after paying this $$$ on it, I was told (by a non-expert) that I can't install any remote start system on my Envoy because of the factory security...
  8. 2008 trailblazer remote start compatible with onstar?

    Audio and Electronics
    Hello, I just purchased a certified 08 Trailblazer and I have the free year of onstar. As I am still evaluating whether or not I will keep it past the year, I am looking for an alarm with remote start that will not interfere with onstar functions. Any recommendations? Sorry if this has been...
  9. Serious ignition problem

    OEM Issues
    Well a little background. I'm in the Army in Afghanistan and my wife is back home with our only vehicle the Envoy... that being said.... I need help.... Well it was parked for 1 month... nobody drove it and it just sat in my driveway. Then my wife got home and tried to start it, and not...
  10. Questions about remote starter????

    Audio and Electronics
    I just recently purchased a 06 trailblazer LT. I am wondering if was prewired for a remote start or can I purchase a part from the dealer to add remote start without going aftermarket?
  11. Remote Starter without the remote...

    Audio and Electronics
    I just bought an '03 Trailblazer EXT that has a remote starter from the factory. However, the dealer did not have the remote and would charge $200 to get/program one. Does anyone know where else I can get one?
  12. Another '02 TB (Bravada) Remote Start Install ? ? ?

    Audio and Electronics
    Hey guys, is anyone able to help me figure out what is still required to make this thing start??? I am installing a DEI Hornet 569T (with DEI 455G Interface) into my 2002 Bravada (which should be the same as some of your TrailBlazers). DEI Hornet 569T Wires Blue – (-) 200mA Status Output <>...
  13. 05 Envoy XL Remote Start Wiring Diagram

    :mad: Can not post attachment here. But here is link to the diagram to share: 2005 Envoy XL Somebody may find this wiring diagram useful, not just for bulldog remote start module, but for other brand with security bypass module.
  14. Remote start/ Alarm/ keyless, finally!

    Audio and Electronics
    So my parents took me to Circuit City today and we picked up the Python 872 2 way alarm/ remote start system along with the necessary adapter. The employee at CC said the install will take 4-5 hours, so it'll be going in on Tuesday. I read through the whole manual and plan to do so a few more...