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  1. 4x4 Drivetrain
    So- While driving around 45mph and above, I can hear a very faint growling noise coming from what sounds to be the middle of the rear end. I can also, at times, hear a slight "grind" when I drive off at about 5mph. I lifted the '04 Envoy SLT up from the rear and put it on jackstands. I...
  2. General
    Hello guys, I have a 2003 GMC Envoy, 4 wheel drive. I was recently rear ended while i was in gear waiting to change lanes. I just got my vehicle back last week 10/5. Saturday(10/8) I was driving on the highway and my SUV started driving hard and the automatic gear would not shift for the...
  3. OEM Issues
    The rear end is whining on my 02 2WD TB with 150K miles, limited slip differential. I get a fairly high pitched noise from the rear end starting around 25 mph. I think it is the pinion bearing, but I can't find any info on how to get the old bearing out and new one in. I have the cover off...
1-3 of 3 Results