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  1. Exterior
    Hi. Can anyone tell me if the rear driver side door from a 02 trailblazer LT will fit on a 04 trailblazer LS? Also does anybody have any good tips on how to replace the quarter glass from the rear door? (The little triangle one on the door)
  2. Introductions
    Hi everyone. Just joined. Just replaced the transmission on my 2004 Trailblazer LS 4.2/6 at 180,000 km. Hope the engine will continue for a while. I've been told it should. Current problems: CD player is "stuck" probably unit has to be replaced. Brakes (rear) are needing attention - I will...
  3. General
    My liftgate sometimes malfunctions so that I can't open it. When that happens my remote will also not work - it will neither unlock car doors or open them. I have to manually open the car. However, the controls on my driver's door will unlock all doors except for the liftgate. When the...
1-3 of 3 Results